I am restarting this game so if you joined the first one you can reclaim your spot on your chosen team or whatnot. In this game you pick a team: Red or Blue and from there you can use any kind of snowball to hit the other team. When you do you get points for whatever team your on. We'll start with 5 pts. Whichever team reaches 100 starts the next round then the points go higher. So lets have some fun!

Team Red- 10





Mother Hen

Team Blue- 5




Destroyer of the Worlds



Rules: 1. No big bots til final game including hammerspace,ailen warping & nanetic building.
2. No attacking people who are not on and you only get points when you hit somebody.
3. No reading the team's blog nor commenting if so five points will be off and go to the team's blog you replied on.

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that's... understandable. (WHY?!?) Its in alphabetical order, and that's funny.

It is funny

I know, right?

Starts looking out for any new or returning Red members.

can i join team red?

is in the fort when the snow lands

(i don't think this has 'started' yet.)

We haven't started yet Emily#2 and I added you Hope to my team :)

oooh  sorry

I'm ready

Same here

@Cypher: holds up hand for highfive YEAH GO BLUE WERE BETTER!

Me three. hope your REDDY to lose red! YEAH bad pun and total call out in 1 sentence!!


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