Hi guys!! I'm new and i just wanted to meet some fellow Code Bearers.

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Hi welcome to codebearers! I want to know what do you like to do or read? Have you read all the books? And... ( most importantly) would you like to join my narnia RPG? I will help you learn how to do it if you want.
I like pretty much anything with adventure and little or no romance. What do i like to do, the list is endless. Read, write, play with my dog, work with my horse(s), play piano, go shopping for horse supplies. My life kinda revolves around horses because i live on a ranch. What about you?
I would love to join your group, but how? I'm slow with new tech sometimes.
Well do you know how to find it? It should be on the home screen. So you go there and read about the rpg then you can post and ask any questions you might have. I'll do my best to be available.

Hey, Welcome to the site.

I am THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS. But everyone calls me The Destroyer.

Welcome to the family, fellow Codebearer. So how did you come to find the books?

I found them at my old church's VBS book store. They sounded good, so i bought them. I cant remember if they had all three, or just the first one.
Cool. My friend gave me the first two and my little sister got me the third one for Christmas.
Mostly Christian contemperary. Like Toby Mac, Owl City, Britt Nicloe and others similar. I'm not sure for my fav movie. I like Big Hero 6, i don't get much time to watch movies. ;)

Shhhhhhhhhhh. Not so loud.

You'll wake up the dead and stir the dust around here.

And this is The Old Soul. He's old. And soul-like. I'll stop now...

Hi. I'm not good at talking to people, this one time an old moderator friend and I had scared somebody so badly that their father took her off the old site and removed all her internet access.


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