Ok, I got Star Wars the Force Unleashed II for Xbox 360! So far it has been fabulous! This is where to talk about it, and we can share ideas and reveal secrets and locations of lightsaber/health/bacta holocrons.

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love that game

(Huge gaping face.) Someone responded!!! Woah! So, did you finish the game?

I haven't played it but I really want to I'm still finishing the first one, I got my eyes blood shot for playing it to much. 

Wow! Mine didn't. I finished it a LONG time ago. It was fun.

yup a great game better for the wii tho 

How in the world is it better for the wii? the xbox 360 has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better graphics.

I finished the game awhile ago. It is defiantly easier than the first one.

What difficulty did you do it on?

Easy lol. I haven't beat the first one and I'm not sure if I really feel like it. Maybe when I get a better TV.

Yeah, do the second one on a harder difficulty. Right now, I'm trying to do it on Unleashed difficulty. At first I was dying like crazy, but then I realized that I had sooooooooooo many credits, and I upped my force powers to the max. That really helped.

I think I'll revisit the second one and do it again on hard.

Yeah, the second one is reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaly fun.


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