Ok, I got Star Wars the Force Unleashed II for Xbox 360! So far it has been fabulous! This is where to talk about it, and we can share ideas and reveal secrets and locations of lightsaber/health/bacta holocrons.

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Well I finished it twice and going on my third I just want to get all the crystals, light sabers, and holocrons.

Me too! I so want to get all the lightsaber crystals. That's one of the things of this discussion, too. To share locations of those things.

Where are they located? I haven't played the game in awhile.

Dude, there are a LOT of them, I don't know where they all are. We'd probably have to look it up on Google.

How do you make a black lightsaber again?

You have to find the chrystal. I found that one... somewhere... there are a lot of the holocron things on Dagobah.


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