Oh yeah! It's back. Think of interesting ways to steal the cookie from one another

No Killing!!! Or anything gory and horrible...use normal 9 year old PG rules



CANNOT EAT COOKIE! If yo do, we have to perform open stomach surgery to retrieve it

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I haz the cookie! homemade chocolate chip, mmmmmmm.
pantses you, gives you a wedgie, takes the cookie and pushes you over
I steal the cookie by using the force to fling it my way omnomnom.
Hoho!  Anvil drops on your head and throws cookie back to me.
But the cookie love's me and jump's out of your hand's and into my hand's
i pull the ground out from underneath you and when you fall and leave the cookie spinning in the air, I snatch it.
But not before I bat it away from you and to me with a long stick.

I throw a brick at your head, knocking you out. I HAZ DA COOKIE! ITS MINEEEEE!


(I had forgotten how violent this game gets...)


I trap you in cool magical bubble thingy and snatch da cookie!

I break the bubble with a frozen toothpick and bribe you to gimme da cookie. >:)
I refuse said bribe and run away.
I hit u with a taser and steal the cookie :)


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