Oh yeah! It's back. Think of interesting ways to steal the cookie from one another

No Killing!!! Or anything gory and horrible...use normal 9 year old PG rules



CANNOT EAT COOKIE! If yo do, we have to perform open stomach surgery to retrieve it

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*cough* cookie can't be gonified. Cookie was a decoy.

I have the cookie!

I take the cookie, put it in a shrink ray, shrink it down to the size of a molecule, but then I can't hide it because I can't find it!


I then get the atom to find it for me and give it to me.

Then I hit it with a ray that makes it normal size, flip over your head and snatch the cookie, jump of Angel Falls for a skydive, and land on a plane that takes me to Africa!

you then realize that i'm flying the pane and give me the cookie so you don't die

Then, I grab a parachute, the cookie, and a pair of socks and jump out of the plane and parachute down to the ground. Then I run with the cookie!

You run over trip wire And fall into a pit of pillows, but you dropped the cookie. Now I run away to The Deathstar.

I blow up the death star and take the cookie! but you are fine! cause you are a girl.

But you not fine cause you a boy. You were caught in the blast and lost the cookie. I find the cookie and take it to Naboo.

(Cause Queen wanted too.)

I run up to you and trade 10 pizzas for the cookie.

I then eat the pizza and take the cookie!


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