Oh yeah! It's back. Think of interesting ways to steal the cookie from one another

No Killing!!! Or anything gory and horrible...use normal 9 year old PG rules



CANNOT EAT COOKIE! If yo do, we have to perform open stomach surgery to retrieve it

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But the kangaroo worked for me, so it kicked you and gave it to me. I then jumped into my supper secret submarine and hid on the ocean floor.

Lucky for me I'm an inventor and icewing is part water dragon. We dive under water and retrieve the soggy cookie

But Zip the speed stinger freeze you all and I steal the cookie.
I became invisible and steal the cookie from u.

I use a inferred heat sensor, find you, conk you over the head with my trusty bat, snatch the cookie, and take of to Camp Half-Blood, where none of you mortals or monsters can enter.

I open a portal and the portal pulls the cookie into it. And I await the inevitable attempt to steal my cookie. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I take the cookie over your shoulder and run away

I smack the cookie out of your hand and take it and make hundreds of cookies just like it and then I go and stick them individually into the most secure places on earth, and not even I know which is the real one! 


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