I am starting this forum so that I can get some ideas for creative writing, but I will probably be a major contributor to this thread. The point of this thread is for us to all give some ideas for a story, and whoever sees one that they like can use it. Once one is used, that doesn't mean that nobody else can use it, though. Ideas can be as long as you want them to be-a few sentences, a paragraph or two, or even an entire chapter(as an attachment, please). I hope that everyone who likes to write can benefit from this thread.

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I have a few new ideas though its kinda hard to pick which one to put down *sighs*

Anything will work, I'm just looking for some ideas. They don't have to be long, just enough for someone(like me)to be able to use as a story idea. Also, if you would like to use the idea that you put down and just need someone to co-author the book or something like that, you can still post it.


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