Ok, so, I want to write a story (I've written some before), but I can't think a any new ideas. Can I have some ideas please? (If the story is good enough, I'll put it on here and you can see how your idea turned out. Only one idea will be used!)

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Sounds like one of your fantasies.

defiantly lol

i find out i'm a girl every day. lol.

it is an interesting story idea. alternate realities and other forms of our reality intrigue me.

YES! So it is soooo worthy of a good story...Right?

Thanks for the encouragement. I've already started it, so I hope it turns out good.


Hey guys, just to let you know, I haven't forgotten about the story. But It was a little too awkward to turn a guy into a girl, so I'm not going to do that one. I'll probably do him turning into an animal, like a cat or a squirrel. See ya!

sounds good!


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