Hey!  All you kids!  The Coffee Break is hereby going through a temporary transformation.  This is NO LONGER the place where you can come to shout pizza, or any other random thing that comes to you.  You can go to the TALK thread or some place like that if you wish to randomize something. 

This is now the place to come if you want to actually talk, about actual things of relative importance.  AKA, this is the main thread I'll be hanging around for the duration of my stay.  Thus if you do come and try to deviate the conversation in any way, I will delete your post/s (yes, I do still have Mod powers). 

So!  If you have something to say relevant to what's being said, join right in.  But please don't try to change the current conversation just because you feel like it.  The conversation will change, you can be sure of that, but it will do so naturally, evolving like a good conversation should.  Trying to force something else would just be rude, so don't do it. 

And don't worry.  Once I'm gone again, the Coffee Break will go back to its old self (if so desired). But for now, I want a place to just chill with you guys again.

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I think the phrase deader than CB now replaces deader tha. A doorknob.

It's the weekend. So it is a little more dead than usual. It'll pick up tomorrow.

/Last replies from days and weeks ago on most forums

well, yeah. It will pick up though. We do have school. And spring. And stuff like that. Once Continuum starts up, we'll be packed.

Can't wait till the betas come out

where is the new book?

What book?

what you mean "what book?" i'm talking about THE new book.


got it in one.

so i found out that if all goes well that I'll be graduating Magnum Cum Laude.

Sorry I've not been around. Old TRA has started college classes. o_o So I've been busy. Obviously. XD

very obviously! what you in college for exactly?


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