.      Last we heard of Rumor Claythe was that he was kidnapped by currently known bad guys the Immortals. But a new team has risen to the challenge with a leader that looks just like Rumor. A Drastic turn of events is happening at Achates Academy. And may not be for the better.

     Outside of Achates Academy, Rumor’s old rival is silently making his move in a house he has named PlayHouse. It will be full of horrors you’ll ever imagined. As this is happening weird dreams are happening to Avichayil of the Souls. Where she is once inside an old grand mansion, now covered in dust plus cobwebs. These dreams keep happening, but other things are happening in em. As evil is gathering in PlayHouse, Avi and her friends will receive help from an Elemental Leader, puppet prince brothers, a ghost prince, a marionette prince brothers, a changeling fire prince and don’t forget the Ink Prince including his look a like. Plus another rival who is only known as the Princess of Stuff Animals, has revenge only for Avichayil, steps out of the shadows. Add to that another artifact shows itself in a city that has disappeared ages ago that was named ‘Crysx.’ What are these dreams? What is the story behind the grand old mansion? What is Rumor’s old rival’s grand plan? What is up with the princess with revenge only for Avichayil? And whose voice is it that keeps calling to Avi at night for help? What is this artifact and why has it appeared in Crysx of all places?

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Chapter 1: Reaper Claythe (Part 1)

Reaper stood on a balcony of an abandoned building when he felt his brother’s presence.
It was in a different location, but Reaper knew it was his brother Rumor.
Gunner Syx watched his captain from the shadows with his electric emerald green eyes.
Sighing, Gunner pushed his black hair with silver highlights away from his sweaty face
Suddenly Reaper felt another presence that was all evil slammed into him like a brick wall.
He went flying backward luckily into the arms of Gunner, who was ready.
“Leader!” Gunner exclaimed as he caught Reaper before falling to the ground.
Gunner quickly checked his leader for injuries before offering his hand.
Reaper took Gunner’s hand to be pulled to his feet.
”You okay leader?” Gunner asked, looking concerned.
Reaper held up a note:
’Yeah I’m okay, thanks Gunner.’
“That’s a relief...I called rest of the team they’re gonna join us soon,” offered Gunner
Reaper nodded just as another note appeared:
Let’s get moving then Gunner.’ 
Soon an ink puddle started taking shape under their feet.
Then they were sucked in, with the ink puddle going back to Reaper.
Both Reaper and Gunner landed in an alleyway not far from the abandoned apartment building they were in.
”Well well, look what the cat dragged in,” said a voice at the alleyway entrance.
Reaper looked at the alleyway entrance where five guys stood under the light of a lamppost.
Gunner saw what Reaper was seeing as the five guys slowly surrounds them.
”Now who I may ask are you too?” asked the guy in the middle.
Reaper’s eyes flashed red when a note appears in his hands:
’I am Reaper Claythe leader of the InkGhosts ’

Cool!! Lol I should not read this till I have read your first book :)

Yeah the first book done I’m just rewriting book 2 :)

(Part 2)

[Kasix City - abandoned office building]

Jess stood in front of a wall with floor to ceiling glass windows that show the city layout.

He was glaring at nothing in particular til his shiny red laptop started ringing for a video chat.

Jess smiled before going to the table and sitting down in one of the old computer chairs that haven’t rotted yet.

His teammates were on another computer trying to help him find a new hideout.

”Zephyr Cross long time no see,” greeted Jess when he answered the video chat.

The boy on the laptop screen had black hair shot through with red highlights, was wearing a navy blue baseball cap.

Been a long time hasn’t it Jess Z'ev,” greeted Zephyr from the video screen.

“Yes it has, but I’m curious bout why your contacting me,” wondered Jess. 

“I was gonna to ask you if me and my friends could join your team,” replied Zephyr as the shadow of the baseball cap cover his red eyes eyes.

”Do I know these other two friends of yours Zephyr?” Jess asked just as his mismatch eyes glowed menacingly.

I believe you remember Glitch Syxe correct?”  Zephyr wondered signaling a teen to come up to the screen.

”Of course I remember Glitch the Glitcher,”greeted Jess with a nod to the teen on the laptop.

The teen smiled showing off his blue green eyes with his different shades of blue hair, but the teen was glitching like he was bout to disappear.

Miss me Jess?” Glitch greeted with a wicked grin,his face quietly glitching.

You bet Glitch old pal...now Zephyr...who’s the last person?” Jess asking with Zeith plus Keayn on either side of him to see the screen.

You’ll love this...come forward Rhys,”instructed Zephyr waving the last person forward.

Rhys Clsythx the mimicker....oh this just perfect,”laughed Jess his plan almost ready to begin.

The teen, who was in shadows laughed with Jess follow by everyone else.

(Part 3)

[outside the Immortals hideout]

”Five against two...I like these odds,” Mike said whipping out a switchblade.

”Hey leave our leader alone!” exclaimed a voice from atop a building.

”You finally showed up eh Steele?” Gunner asked from his position.

Steele wearing dark blue jeans and a dark grey shirt,ran a hand through his copper colored hair shot through with gold plus sliver highlights before jumping off the building.

He landed in a crouch, his scythe already in his hands.

”Who are you?” demanded one of the guys holding two daggers at the ready.

”Steele Hxye,”greeted Steele his scythe resting on his shoulder, his cool grey eyes flashed briefly.

”Uh...oh,”mumbled one guy who started backing away.

”But who are you may I ask?” Steele wondered his scythe lazily aimed at the guy going backwards.

”I-I’m C-Chase,”stammered Chase his back up against the building.

Reaper turned towards Steele with a note forming in his hand: 

Where’s the others Steele?’

Steele gulped but quickly replied,” They were with me leader I swear it.”

Reaper’s eyes flashed red as another note appeared:

Take Gunner with you and find them Steele.’

“Yes leader..Gunner let’s go!” Steele instructed his feet quickly leading him out the alleyway.

”You got this leader?” Gunner asked just before dashing off after Steele.

Reaper nodded his head, hands at the ready with Ink Stars.

Chase threw his switchblade just as Reaper threw his Ink Stars.

Switchblade landed in Reaper’s arm before clattering to the ground on the other side.

Reaper smiled, his Ink Exchange is already working without him even realizing it.

Chase stood frozen up against the wall, the Ink Stars struck the wall all around him.

(Part 4)

[Kasix City - abandoned office building]

”So Zephyr maybe you can help me,” offered Jesse to Zephyr on the computer screen.

”Sure if you let join your team,” suggested Zephyr.

”Was gonna ask you to join my team if you help me first,” Jesse says looking smug.

”Sure what do you need help with?” Glitch asked while his body glitched in and out.

 “Looking for a new perfect hideout but Zeith plus Keayn couldn’t find any,” Jesse explained.

“Think I know a perfect place,” offered Rhys grinning wickedly.

”Oh yeah that place would be perfect....Jesse let’s meet up someplace,” Zephyr first talked to Rhys before looking back at the screen at Jesse.

“Let’s meet at the club ‘Black Out’,”says Jesse then sees Zephyr nodded his head in agreement.

Then he ended the video before closing his laptop.

”Zeith, Keayn let’s get going,” ordered Jesse while putting his laptop in his case.

”Ready leader!” his teammates replied in unison.

All three of them headed out of the old office building then started making their way to their destination.

[Kasix City - abandoned apartment building]

Zephyr ended the video before pulling out his cellphone then calling a number on speed dial.

”Who are calling Zephyr?” Rhys asked.

”A realtor who might have info on that place u suggested,” Zephyr replied just as woman’s voice answered.

”Mrs Lacey speaking of Kasix Realtors how may I help you?”

”Hi Mrs Lacey I’m calling on behalf of Jesse Z’ev,” started Zephyr.

”Yes?” urged Mrs Lacey.

”And was wondering if you have any more old houses that are for sale,” finished Zephyr.

”Let me see....I have about four houses that are sill for sale..would you like me to meet you somewhere?” Mrs Lacey wondered.

”You are welcome to meet us at the club ‘Black Out’ “, Zephyr says while heading out the door.

The others quickly hurried after him.

(Part 5)

[outside Immortals hideout]

Reaper quickly took out the rest of Chase’s friends before stepping into an ink puddle on the side of an old factory.

Pretty soon his whole team joined in the large empty room, except for what looks to be patient operation chair with somebody strapped to it.

”Hey leader is that your brother?” asked a teen with bubblegum pink hair plus sky blue highlights and electric green eyes, pointing to a person strapped onto the chair.

Rumor laid on the chair looking deathly white, all of his colors....gone.

Reaper held up a note that read:

’Your right Never that is my brother Rumor.’

Reaper flanked by his teammates, rushed to Rumor’s side to get him free.

Reaper held up another note that said:

’Gunner, Stryker, and Ghost....guard us I sense something coming.’

Gunner nodded before taking up position infront of the chair while Ghost took the left side follow by Stryker on the right.

At that exact moment somebody was walking towards them, but luckily passed by the doorway without looking.

Reaper summoned a Ink puddle before taking his brother into his arms, a note floated to his teammates that read:

You guys are in charge of protecting me and my brother from anything that comes at us.’

His teammates nodded just when Near, Never’s look a like twin brother, pointed to a wooden box on a table by the chair.

”Want me to grab that box leader? It might be important,” he asked.

Reaper nodded his head and Near grabbed the box then jumped into the puddle.

Never went next, then Reaper, followed by the rest of the team.

[forest - outside Achates Academy]

All of the InkGhosts tumbled out of the ink puddle, where they landed in the middle of a dense forest.

But a school of some sort could be seen in the distance.

Never helped Reaper to his feet as Near took Rumor into his arms.

”Looks like we need to head in the direction of that school in the distance,” said Ghost.

Reaper held up one last note that read:

The sooner we get to that school the better.’

His teammates all nodded in agreement, then they all started walking to Achates Academy.

Chapter 2: PlayHouse

 Chapter 2: PlayHouse (Part 1)

[Outside Black Out]

Jesse with Zeith and Keayn, all waited outside the famously known club that’s always alive at night.

”We’re at the right club leader?” Zeith asked as they waited.

”Yes Zeith now be quiet before I decide to kick you off the team,” responded Jesse with an edge to his voice.

”Hey Jesse! Thanks for waiting!” Zephyr greeted while waving a hand up in the air.

Jesse went over to high five Zephyr plus his teammates, then he signaled his own teammates over.

”Now we are just waiting on Mrs. Lacey who is gonna show us some houses,” explained Zephyr as he checked his cellphone.

Jesse nodded before bursting out laughing at Rhys mimicking Glitch,

Glitch glared at Rhys before stomping off just as a cherry red convertible pulled up to the curb.

The boys couldn’t help but drool at the car, while a beautiful young lady stepped out of her car to fix her business suit outfit.

She then grabbed a folder out of the car, once done she closed the door then started striding towards Zephyr.

”Zephyr thanks for calling me, sorry I took a while,” Mrs Lacey while tucking her folder under one arm and fixing her strawberry red hair with the other.

”No problem, I’m sure you also wouldn’t mind showing us the places u places you pick,” Zephyr greeted.

Mrs Lacey’s bubble gum pink eyes locked with Zephyr before looking away to say, “Of course Zephyr whenever you and your....friends are ready.”

Zephyr narrowed his eyes a bit at that reply, but nodded to Glitch plus Rhys.

They nodded then started walking down an alley before disappearing behind the club.

”Oh Mrs Lacey meet Jesse...he will be your client,” explained Zephyr pulling Jesse over to him.

”Please to meet you Mrs Lacey,” Jesse greeted as he held out a hand.

Mrs Lacey shook his hand while responding,” Nice to meet you too Jesse.”

Suddenly a electric blue hummer just pulled out from behind the club and sat with its engine running.

”Shall we get going?” Zephyr making sure Jesse including his friends get in the hummer okay..

”I’ll just lead the way,” said Mrs Lacey feeling uneasy.

”Come on Mrs Lacey we have room....just let Zeith or Rhys move your convertible so it’s safe behind the club.

”Fine,” sighed Mrs. Lacey while handing over her precious keys to Rhys.

Rhys quickly moved the convertible to behind the club then handed the keys back to Mrs Lacey.

Mrs Lacey hoisted herself up into the hummer follow by Zephyr and lastly Rhys.

”Okay Mrs Lacey where to first?” Glitch asked his skin already glitching.

”12 Red Moon Drive is the first stop,” says Mrs Lacey. 

Rhys typed in the address in the GPS and Glitch started driving down the road.

(Part 2)

[12 Red Moon Drive]

Jesse looked out of the car window at a faded red mansion with an over grown garden with disinterest.

He didn’t know why, but he didn’t feel any connection whatsoever.

”Whats the next house?” He asked letting his eyes flick to Mrs Lacey before returning to the window.

”Hmm...looks like it’s 100 PlayHouse Court,” replied Mrs Lacey as she looked at her papers.

Glitch looked at Jesse through rear view mirror, wondering what that guy was thinking.

Jesse caught Glitch’s eyes on him and gave a slight nod.meaning that he was okay.

But he was actually thinking about that address Mrs Lacey said, it got him kinda excited.

’100 PlayHouse Court....that couldn’t be a coincidence...could it?’  thought Jesse.

Zephyr, Zeith plus Keayn watched Jesse and got a little concern for him.

”Jesse must be getting excited, “ whispered Zeith

”Yeah I can see his power’s aura, “ whispered agreed Rhys

”it must’ve been that address Mrs Lacey mentioned right?” whispered Keayn.

Both Zeith and Rhys nodded their heads in agreement.

Mrs Lacey paid the boys no mind as she busied herself with texting her boss about what’s been happening.

[Outside Achates Academy]

Reaper, including his teammates reached the academy just as the sun started going down.

He reached for the knocker and banged on the big door with it three times.

They all could hear footsteps hurrying to the door, follow by a feminine voice shouting:


Soon the big door silently swung inward revealing a lady with blond hair plus green apple eyes was wearing a navy blue suit and black shoes to match. 

”Hello welcome to Achates Academy I’m the principal Mrs Violet...how may I help you fine gentlemen?” asked Mrs Violet.

Reaper stepped aside to reveal Rumor, who was still in Never’s arms.

Mrs Violet stared in surprise at the figure in Never’s arms.

”You found him...you found Rumor Claythe,” said a very surprised Mrs Violet.

Avichayli was just waking by when she noticed Rumor in a guy’s arms.

She walked up to stand next her principal where she noticed a Rumor look a like.

”Wait a minute....Reaper?” wondered Avi.

Reaper looked at Avil and just as his eyes flashed, he nodded his head.

Part 3)

[Outside Achates Academy]

”Mrs. Violet we should let these fine gentlemen come in to explain themselves,”said Avi turning to her principal.

”Yes of course Avi..what a splendid idea right this way gentlemen,”instructed Mrs. Violet.

Reaper let his teammates go ahead of him til he was left with Avi, who was looking at him with an odd expression on her beautiful face.

”How did I know your name was Reaper? It doesn’t make any sense,” muttered Avi.

Reaper chuckled then let one of his notes float in front of her.

Are you okay?’

Avi looked at the note then up at Reaper, who raised a pierced eyebrow at her.

”How did I know your name was Reaper?” She asked now feeling foolish.

’Well maybe my brother told you something?’

Reaper’s note asked.

”Yeah Rumor did mention a brother named Reaper just before his energy faded,”said Avi still looking at Reaper.

She didn’t know why but she wanted to get to know Reaper better and maybe something more.

Cause she liked all the piercings Reaper had, there’s one in right eyebrow and one in the lower lip but on left side.

Reaper grinned at Avi, making her blush and nervous.

He didn’t know why, but he’s getting the feeling that he wants to know more about the beautiful girl in front of him and to also protect her from all evil.

He sent another note to the beautiful girl with bright violet blue eyes.

Avi was it?’

Actually my real name is Avichayil Rinas, but I go by Avi for short,”explained Avi now fully blushing.

Reaper stepped up close to Avi then he lifted her chin by his thumb to look into her eyes before he spoke in her head.

Nice to finally meet you Avi I do hope we can become best of friends.’  

“Hope we become best of friends too Reaper Claythe,”said Avi smiling.

Reaper returned the smiled when his eyes flashed red just as Gunner came running up to them.

He let his hand drop away from Avi as a note was ready and waiting in front of Gunner that read:

What’s wrong Gunner?’

“We need you in the nurse’s office now!” Gunner explained to Reaper after he saw the note.

Reaper nodded then motioned for Avi to lead the way.

Avi  started running to the nurse’s office with Reaper on her heels followed closely by Gunner.

All three of them reached nurse’s office, when Mrs. Violet hurriedly rushed to her office with her assistant right behind her.

Avi reluctantly opened the door to see a nurse checking Rumor’s condition.

”Is Rumor gonna be okay Nurse Rose?” She asked worriedly.

”I do not know Miss Avi...it seems likely that he might be in a coma,”explained Nurse Rose.

That was when Never realized he still had the oak wood box with him and gave it to Avi.

”Umm....Miss Avi was it? This box is for Rumor I believe...we found it next to him,”said Never offering a small smile.

Avi took the box before smiling back at the black top hat, blue green hair, cobalt blue eyes teen saying,”Thank you umm...?”

“I’m Never Exye...nice to meet you Avi,” greeted Never with the tip of his black top hat.

Avi open the box with Reaper looking over her shoulder too see a clear orb nestled in purple velvet filled with black ink.

”Thank you Never you found his powers,” Thanked Avi beaming at Never.

”Umm you guys might wanna hurry up, principal needs y’all in her office asap,”announced Mrs Violet’s assistant.

”We’ll be there as soon as can Miss Kiki,”quickly says Avi while hurrying over to Rumor’ side.

(Part 4)

[Achates Academy]

Avi took the orb of ink then placed it on Rumor’s chest before stepping back.

The orb melted into the Ink Prince’s chest, soon color and features started coming back.

”Reaper watch over your brother okay? I have to go see the principal,” said Avi locking eyes with Reaper.

Reaper nodded his head plus a thumbs up, telling Avi that he got it under control.

Avi smiled as she exited the room, before quickly hurrying to the principal’s office.

But she had to stop in her tracks when she notices her team already in the office.

Now a little worried, Avi squared her shoulders and stepped into the office.

Members of the Souls glanced up to see their leader in the doorway, some unconditionally glanced back down.

”Oh Avi glad you came...your team has some bad news for you,” explained Miss Violet. 

Lisette got up to stand infront of Avi then said, “Leader me and the other members...minus Goodfellow, thought it would be best to disband the Souls.”

”W-Whaaat?! I thought we were a good team?” Exclaimed Avi.

”We were...until you keep getting hurt,” muttered Japhet making Avi glare daggers at.

”Well that’s the whole point when your fighting against evil,” Avi snapped.

Emere hurried over to Avi to grab her by the shoulders to ask her, “When you almost died Avi?”

”I didn’t die...Rumor saved me countless times,” replied Avi stepping away from Emere to the door of the office.

Japhet muttered something else, but Avi still heard him.

”That’s how you feel...fine I’ll just join Rumor’s team...he’ll accept me,”murmured Avi.

Others quickly stood up to complain, but Avi already left the office with Goodfellow right behind her retreating form.

Avi collapsed on a cushioned bench to pull her knees up then wrapped her arms around em.

She silently cried bout how her day couldn’t get much worse.

Goodfellow found her on a bench with her knees pulled up and sat down beside her then put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

[Nurse’s Office]

Rumor slowly woke up to an unfamiliar room, when a comforting hand touched his shoulder.

He looked over to see...wait is that his brother?

”R..R...Reaper?” He whispered though surprised to hear his own voice.

”Hey brother...it’s great to be with you again,” says Reaper affectionately also surprised to hear his voice.

”How are we talking right now?” Rumor asked feeling confused.

”I think it’s because since we are brothers...we have a close connection?” Reaper wondered out loud.

Rumor nodded his head, but he was lost on where he was plus on what happened to him.

”What happened to me and where am I?” He asked curiously.

Reaper let go of Rumor’s shoulder to grab a chair to pull it over, so he could sit in it.

”Well you were kidnapped by the Immortals, Me and my team here saved you then we ran with you all the way to Achates Academy,” he explained to his brother Rumor.

Rumor sighed with relief, until he realized something was missing.

”Where’s Avi?” He asked already feeling worried.

”Me and Avi both met...she was the one to put your powers back in.”

Rumor nodded, telling his brother to continue.

”She had to leave cause the principal wanted her,” finished Reaper.

Rumor sat up in bed, then with his brother’s help he slowly stood up on shaky legs.

”Have to find Avi brother...have to tell her thank you,” He said as Reaper nodded as he guided Rumor to the door.

The nurse stopped them from leaving, only to give Rumor a once over before signaling them away.

Brothers left the nurse’s office into the common area of the academy.

Rumor soon spied Avi crying on a sofa with Goodfellow comforting her.

He hurried over, Reaper close behind him with teammates following last.

Goodfellow looked up to see a sad looking Rumor and a look alike twin before him.

He got up to let the Ink Prince take his spot before hooking his thumb in Reaper’s direction.

Rumor let a note appear infront of Goodfellow that read:

’Yes he’s my brother Reaper.’

Goodfellow nodded his head then found another sofa to sit on to be close by.

Rumor hugged Avi close to his chest and let his voice enter her mind.


Avi slowly stopped crying when she heard a familiar voice.

Rumor tried again when he sensed Avi starting to calm down.

Avi it’s me.’

Avi looked up with tear stained eyes to familiar yet gorgeous red eyes plus familiar green blackish hair.

”Rumor? Your back?” She asked while tears still fall down her cheeks.

Rumor gently wiped Avi’s tears away with one hand just as a note appeared in his other hand.

Avi what happened that made you this sad?’

My team the Souls are no more....all the members left,” said Avi looking down at her lap.

Rumor touched her chin then lifted it up to stare into Avi’s watery eyes, then spoke in her mind.

I’m so sorry that happened to you Avi....but how would you feel in joining my team the InkRebels?’

Avi nodded her head happily, Rumor smiled at her softy before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

She blushed deep red, quickly ducking her head to hug Rumor back.

Reaper found himself locking eyes with Rumor, who spoke in his mind.

Would you like to join my team too brother?....If so I have an idea too.’

Reaper immediately replied back to his brother.

’Of course brother...would also love to hear this idea of yours too.’

(Last Part)

[Achates Academy]

Rumor touched Reaper’s arm before signaling Goodfellow over.

”Avi I have an idea can you listen my princess?” asked Rumor gently.

”D-Did...you j-just talked? Goodfellow asked with his eyes wide.

Rumor nodded his head before replying, “When me and my brother are close we can, but it goes back to normal when we are far apart.”

Avi looked up at Rumor in shock, his voice...!

Rumor blushed when he seen Avi looking at him and rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

”Oh Rumor so glad your back!” Miss Violet said happily.

Reaper quickly moved away from Rumor, so he could talk with his notes.

Rumor smiled at his brother’s quick thinking before holding out a note to Miss Violet:

Miss Violet do you think we could make a back up Souls team here at the academy?’

Miss Violet was surprised at first then started nodding her head excitedly.

”Of course, Avi is that okay with you?” She asked Avi curiously.

Avi looked to Goodfellow, who smiled, followed by Jett with a wicked grin on his face.

”I would like Jett to lead and for Goodfellow to be his 2nd for the Souls,” decided Avi.

Rumor held up a note for everyone to read:

 ‘Thaddius, Decker and Wicked will join too.’

GunnerStryker and Steele will also join too,” added Reaper.

Just then a voice replied, “I will also join too.”

Avi looked to see the Mirror Knight Sepraith striding towards them.

”Sepraith! What happened to your team?” Avi exclaimed.

Sepraith sighed and said,” We been disbanded, I think it’s time for me to join a new team.”

”This is all very exciting...but what about your team Rumor?” wondered Miss Violet.

Rumor thought about his answer before he held up a note:

Well...Avi just joined I also have my brother Reaper including his teammates Never, Near plus Ghost so far.’

Miss Violet nodded her head til an idea popped into her head.

”Maybe I can send a message to other academies to see if they can help us,” She said hopefully.

”Oh yeah we should definitely do that to see if they can send anyone to join the InkRebels,” agreed Avi.

[100 PlayHouse Court]

Pulling up along a long circular driveway, Jess saw a huge mansion that used to be white, but now became a dark grey.

”Welcome to 100 PlayHouse Court,” Mrs Lacey introduces.

Jesse scrambled out of the Hummer, the connection was to much to bear!

Zephyr followed after him, before standing beside him infront of the mansion.

”Jesse?” Zephyr asked carefully.

”Its...simply perfect Zephyr...simply perfect,” murmured Jesse so only Zephyr could hear.

Then he walked the steps and into the home.

Zephyr signaled the others to follow after Jesse, who was sitting on a tiled floor of a grand foyer.

Slowly tendrils of darkest red energy seeped out of Jesse to touch every inch of the home.

Zephyr smiled at Jesse before strolling back outside to talk to the waiting Mrs Lacey bout paperwork.

Chapter 3: Elemental Leader


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