This is the first book I ever finished! Feel free to read the original version or the new and improved version. I also created an RPG that connects to this book and the second and third book so feel free to read those when your done! 

Well I hope you enjoy this! Just to warn you there may been some creepy parts to the book, romance and gore.

Please feel free to give comments. Don't copy this either please. This is my hard work, I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you and enjoy! -^-^-

First version: Pg 1-27

Rewritten version: Pg 28-

The Felixi

(Rewritten version)

By Mina



On the other side of another world from earth is a wonderful kingdom. The kingdom is perfect in every way, without sickness or death and the people live there happily forever and ever. The King of this kingdom is known as The Great King, for he is better than any other king who has come. He is the one who created the universe and everything within it with his awesome and magnificent power. Everyone in the kingdom has incredible powers and can do things no human could do, but the King has such power that all tremble before him. Even though he is frightening he is also loving and loves all of his people so much that no one can even begin to understand how much he does.

One day, one of the King’s closest advisors decided he wanted power like his master and he wanted to become a great king. So secretly he began plotting and working out an idea of how he could take down the King. When he felt ready he took his own son, who was a mind reader, and mutated him until he created his own power, a dark and vile power. A power that destroys and eats away not like The Great King had created and planned. In secret he taught his son how to harness his powers in hopes of destroying The Great King. What he never expected was his own son wanted power for himself. In his greed he killed his own father and went after the throne himself. The Great King was not one to loose though and in an epic battle defeated the boy. The Great King was furious with him though and banished him to the other side where the mortals lived.

The boy grew and made a name for himself “The great lord” and he was the terror of the land and mutated a few more of his kind quickly multiplying and creating his own kingdom. He had a son of his own who took his place and did even more evil then his father. Slowly their kind created enough of themselves to attack the largest nation on the planet beginning the longest war the world had and would, ever know…

Characters: (Spoiler Alert!)

Here's a pic of Darson, He would look older, have slightly darker hair, eyes would be less creepy and he wouldn't be pouting.

Mike, the bully

Darson's mom. I never really gave her a name. She wouldn't be sad though.

Tanya. Darson's sister

The S.C.A.M

Felixivent, He would look less evil (For now) and he would also have a slightly smaller forehead.

So this pic is the closest I could get to Newton. He'd have black hair and green eyes though.

Heres Miya! If her hair was just the tiny bit longer she'd be perfect.

This pic kinda looks like Rea. She would have more orange in her hair and have yellow eyes.

Adamina! (thank you Zhadow!!!!)

Heres Nathan! He'd look just a bit older. 


Levi's mask! (^)

Levi (v) (He would have purple eyes)


How to pronounce some words

Felixi: felixE

Darson: Not Darsin, but Darson (kinda french)

Felixivent: felixE vent

Athia: athEa

Galena (gal E na)

Galenian (gal E n E in)

(If you find any other hard to pronounce words in this book plz tell me)

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ok it's blue but its the best I could do. (I like blue anywho)

Oh! I almost forgot! To pronounce Felixi (FilixE) Darson is not pronounced (Darsin) but (Darson) kinda french.

Cool, I'll remember that.

This is totally awesome me cant wait for more!

Sorry this took so long! I've had a ton of school and then my document was having problems so I couldn't work on my story. I figured it out now and I've got the next chapter. Enjoy!



Chapter 3
I sat there in shock. “Y-y-your not my mother? So I’m adopted?” Fresh tears poured down My mothers face. “Y-yes. I m-m-mean no. You were g-given to me.” She sobbed. I shouldn’t been that surprised, my moms family always treated me a bit like an outsider and I looked nothing like my mom. I had blue hair, she had brown. My eyes were a vibrant green, hers were also brown. In fact most of my moms family was on the brown and rather boring side. I always thought I may have gotten my looks from my dad, but I never met him so I never got to know. I looked over to my mom, she had her face in her hands and was bawling. I suddenly realized that she probably thought I hated her now, knowing she wasn't my real mother. I guess I could have been, but in reality I still thought of her as my mom. After all, if someone gave me to her they couldn’t have really wanted me. “Mom” I said “It’s OK I still think of you as my mother.” She looked up at me, eyes full of tears. “T-t-thank you.” Suddenly she looked surprised donned her face like she remembered something terrible. “There going to take you away!” She cried. “What? Who? Where?” I asked. Someone with a deep voice answered my questions behind me. “We are and we’ll be taking you to where you can be controlled.” I turned around to face a tall man in a pressed suit with black shades. He was one of the S.C.A.M. “Hurry up and pack a bag of essentials we leave immediately.” He informed me. “Why should I?” I challenged him. “Your a Felixi, a danger to yourself and everyone around you. We’re taking you to a place where you can learn to control this power. I have government authorization.” He pulled out a flashy badge then returned it to his inside of his jacket. “But-But I can’t go right now.” I said standing there in shock. “Pack your bag Darson.” My mom said in a near whisper not looking up. Your against me to?” I thought. Angry I found my backpack and filled it. When I marched down stairs with it I found three men from S.C.A.M., my mom and sister standing there at the door waiting for me. I hugged my mom and sister saying nothing and slowly I walked to the door. “I love you...” My mom said. I looked back for a second then with the S.C.A.M. on either side of me I walked to there car. My destination? Who knows.

Wow this book is the Best!!

Ooooo, cool!

(I really got to slow down on sending chapters, but I'm just so excited!)


Chapter 4
I woke up in a bed. “What happened?” I wondered. All I could remember was getting into the car with the S.C.A.M. and well, that was it, I missed the entire trip! I sat up and quickly realized the “bed” was actually a “bunk bed” as I whacked my head on the top bunk. I moaned rubbing my head. I looked around the room. It was small, so small in fact that it would fit about two bunk beds if you squeezed them in. Sure enough thats what they put in it. There were no windows and the walls were white. The other beds were neatly made so I decided to make mine, stuffing my backpack under the bed. I left the small room and found a long, skinny hallway either way I turned. Doors lined the bland walls with numbers carved into them. I guessed there was maybe 50-100 doors. I walked down the cramped hall to a large heavy door. By now I was feeling kind of nervous, not to mention claustrophobic! After all I was taken to a weird place that was dead silent and really small. Finally I opened the door to reveal a massive room! I don’t know what surprised me more, the hugeness of the room or all the kids and teens with supernatural powers. There where kids learning from robot teachers, chatting, watching and most of all there were tons of kids practicing against each other in glass boxes. There powers were amazing!I was feeling excited, this place looked amazing! In one of the boxes a girl burst into flame and started throwing balls of fire at her opponent. The boy zipped behind her with amazing speed and tried to attack her from behind. The girl whirled around and... A loud bell rang. All the kids dropped what they were doing a looked toward the center of the room to a small stage. A trap door opened in the center of the stage and man rose out of it. “Everyone!” He called “Please welcome Darson, a new Felixi.” Everyone turned around to face me. I felt heat rushing to my face. “Come” the man said.

Whoa...I'm thinking X-men right now for some reason. 

X-men? Why. Aren't they like superheros or something?

yeah, they have powers kind of like that.

Interesting. I'm trying to make a lot of variate with the kids powers but I need to find new ideas. I've got some evil characters planned out though. (Cackles evilly)


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