We are programs in the grid. Clu and his sentries are out there and so is the Abraxas infection. We try to survive Clu, Abraxas, and the Game Grid.



1. You must be realistic. If you have played the game, you can do the things in the game.

2. No bad language.

3. Have FUN!


How to make your character:



type of program: (that means what the program is in real life. Examples: Type of app, computer program, ect.




Jamal Solo

Falling Star







Jamal Solo's character:

name: Erin

Color: Green

Program: Bible App

Personality: Is good at fighting but never really does any unless he has to. Likes to tell jokes, but is serious most of the time.


Falling Star's character:

name: Leilani

Color: Dark blue

Program: Tumblr

personality: very eclectic tastes, hangs out with a wide variety of people, and is very good at acquiring and trading information.

Evelet's character:

name: Katara

Color: purple

Program: FireLock (fights viruses, and protects information) 

Personality: Katara always is searching...she is programmed to find the bad and deal with it. She is guarded, but sweet and soft. She is very smart, and is included in the category of a genius at...fighting anything in her way of a goal set. She sometimes looks for trouble unknowingly, and sets things in an interesting direction. Katara has always lived on the edge. 

Marock's character:

name: Will

Color: Dark blue

Gosojo's character:

name: Axel

Color: White

Program: Crash Bomb (hacking program)

Personality: Mischievous, very cautious, curious, quiet, and takes a wile to warm up to you.

Serina's character:

Name: Vanya

Color: turquoise on a white outfit

Type of Program: LOTR Elvish Translator

Personality: Vanya is kind of on the dreamy side, and often goes into long speeches in Elvish since that is what kind of program she is. She is very kind and considerate, and often tries to avoid conflict. She is loyal, and once someone is accepted into her circle of friends, she is always there to help them.

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(Would those of us who've never played be able to keep up, or would we be too confused?)

I can explain things if you would like. If I do a good enough explaining job, you should be fine.

I guess I'll give it a shot. Any restrictions on colors?

Yay! Thank you! Um, as to the colors, the only color restriction is no red. There are no red programs in all of Tron. So, do you need me to explain? (Oh, and please ask your friends to join.

Yes please explain.

Ok. In Tron Evolution (the video game) there is a program named Clu. He was created by Kevin Flynn. Kevin Flynn had created the entire Grid. Then, and infection spread into the Grid called the Abraxas infection. Abraxas is spreading it. Clu was corrupted by the infection and turned bad.

There are different parts of the Grid. One of the parts is the Game Grid, where you are fighting other programs in lightcycle battles, and Disc Wars. In this RPG, we try to survive the Game Grid, Clu and his followers, and be able to go anywhere on the Grid, including the Kemel (a city started in the outlands of the Grid), the iso-city (I don't remember the name, and Isos were formed from "nothing"), and the normal Grid city.

Do you have any questions? (please post your character.)

If the plot mainly consists of duels, I don't think the RPG will last very long. How will you decide who wins the battles?

Name: Leilani
Color: Dark blue

The plot will consist of whatever we make it. We will be going around in the city; basically, we are going to live the lives of a program. We'll get taken to the game grid, captured, escape Clu's sentries, or just decide to go home and sleep or eat or anything.


So do you think we should go ahead and start and have others join on the way, or wait for more people?

Definitely wait for more people.

Ok i'll join and i'll be: 

Name: Katara

Colour: Purple


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