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Guardians Unite

Since the beginning of Time, there have been 5 Guardians of this world. Each capable of wielding one of the elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Emotions. The power is handed down from one generation to the next. Each power would choose whomever the power thought worthy to wield it. Usually, each Guardian would choose a protégé who would take up the power after the Guardian’s Life Force left this world. That was until Nigel changed that.

Nigel was chosen as a protégé; however, his want for power became his downfall. When the time came to bestow the powers, none chose Nigel. The 5th power, his power, went off into the world to choose its own wielder. Nigel was so enraged that he swore vengeance on the Guardians and joined their strongest enemy: The League of Shadows, a force even older than the Guardians. The Shadow Lords are ageless since the dark energy practically removes any humanity the wielder may have. Leaving behind  an immortal evil force.  There is always only two in the League: a Shadow Lord and his Accessory. Since then, the Powers would be released into the world when the time of bestowment came. Each power would land upon his chosen one, leaving a mark for the other older Guardians to find.

However, it has been nearly centuries since new Guardians have been chosen. Only one Guardian remains………

Rina walked the halls of the Sanctuary. Alone. She had for years now. Yet, each time felt like the first time. Nearly a century before, five warriors occupied this alcove. Now, she was the last, and even her time was coming to an end. She could feel her power and her life force fading. She gazed down at her palm. No one else could see the mark of a Guardian. Only she and those called could. The mark of a large open eye barely glowed where once the eye bore deep into her soul with its purest light. She knew it was time to choose the next guardians. She would have to send out the powers. Soon. With the fading life force, she felt a stronger sense of evil coming.

However, at the same time, another knew that her time was coming to end. Nigel had been waiting patiently in the shadows. He also gazed into his mark: a spiral of darkest light. New Guardians were coming. He grinned devilishly. Time to choose his Accessory, and he knew just who it would be.

Name: Rina Squall

Age: unknown

Power: Emotions

Personality: Friendly, Caring, Is only strict when needs to be

Bio: Rina has been Guardian of Emotion for her whole life. She’s watched her friends, the other Guardians, leave this world behind. She has been nervous to send out the powers because of Nigel. However, she knows her time is short, and the powers need new hosts.


Name: Nigel Tarot

Age: ageless

Power: Shadows

Personality: Unpredictable. His power has made him bipolar. He can go from perfect angel to perfect devil.

Bio: Since the Guardian Powers found him unfit to be a holder, he became the last Shadow Lord’s Accessory. Now, Nigel waits to make one of the new Guardians his own Accessory. And he knows which one that will be: the holder of Emotion.



See Bladebearer's page for more info. Thank you.


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Roleplay is open. All spots are filled. You need to read the OT blog and follow directions please. Thank you.

Jacob weaved his way through the streets of LA on his skateboard as he skated back home with new video games and music. Upon arrival, Jacob picked up his board, opened the front door, entered and headed to his bedroom. Once inside his room, Jacob reached into his cinch sack, pulled out the video games and set them next to his TV. He then proceeded to insert one of the albums he just bought into his CD player as his one of his two older sisters, Amanda, walked into his room and sat on his bed. "Did you find anything to wear yet?" she asked.

"Nope." Jacob replied as he looked around his room for the loose pieces of paper that formed one of his songs.

"The premiere of dad's movie is next week Jacob." Amanda stood up and walked into her brother's open closet.

"I know." Jacob found the papers and began to put them in the correct order over his desk.

"You can't just wear street clothes." Amanda began to look at her brother's different pairs of shoes.

"Sure I can." Jacob said before leaving his room to head to his mini recording studio.

sorry if it's a bit confusing 

Azami had locked herself in her room since earlier that morning, watching cartoons on her computer, or reading Japanese manga, anything to distract herself from the fact that she was starting Highschool the next day. The only thing worse than thinking about a new school at least three times larger than her middle school, and crowded with people she didn't know, was dealing with her step-father's exhausting attempts to "connect" with her. *As if!* Azami thought bitterly. *He just wants to get on my good side because I he can't keep Mom and get rid of me.* She put down her current book with a heavy sigh, and slipped on her headphones as she brought up the next episode of her favorite anime, turning up the volume to drown out the sound of her mother knocking on the door and asking her to come down for lunch.
Kari threw her arm in a graceful arc and let go of the knife. With a silent whiz, it thudded into the painted target on the tree trunk nearby. With a sigh, she walked over and yanked the knife out of the many holes in the tree.
"Where are you dad?" She muttered. "You were supposed to be back an hour ago."
Just as she finished saying that, she heard a car horn. Turning around, she smiled as she saw her dad's tiny blue VW. Rushing back to the house, she opened the door for him just as he reached for the door handle.
"Sorry I'm late," her dad said. "But I got something for you."
Kari's eyes lit up. "Well, common don't leave me hanging! What is it?" She asked eagerly.
Smiling, he pulled out a sword from behind his back. Still in its sheath, he presented it to her. Taking the handle gently, she pulled out the blade.
"No way!" She said in shock. "This is a samurai sword! This thing can slice anything! Thank you!!" She said, wrapping her arms around him.
"Your welcome," he said with a small laugh. "Now come on, lets go practice."

Ty let out a sigh as he dropped the three heavy bags of groceries onto the counter and flopped down onto the couch. He never liked shopping but he had to do it at least every other week because his sister would throw a giant tantrum if she had to go to the store and would be complaining for the next few days. Unlike the rest of his family, she enjoyed complaining about every little detail and wouldn't hesitate to tell someone exactly what she thought of them. It had gotten on his nerves at first but he learned to just tune her out as she ranted on and on about something trivial that she'd forget tomorrow. The door of the apartment slammed shut announcing her arrival and he began unpacking the groceries so that she would see that he was busy and wouldn't ask him to do something else for her. He rarely had time to himself and if his sister caught him sitting down, she'd make him do some chore. "What a day I'm so glad we finished so early today." She said with a groan, collapsing on the couch and kicking off her black pumps. Snatching the remote, she turned the TV on and began switching through the channels to see if anything good was on. Ty silently finished putting away the groceries and glanced at his sister as she peeled off her suit jacket and held it out with her hand towards him. "Can you add that to the laundry for me?" Ty mentall rolled his eyes and took the jacket, walking about twenty steps and tossing it into a basket not far away. "Oh, by the way, I should be getting a package tomorrow around eleven in the morning. Would you make sure to fetch it for me when it arrives?" Ty looked at her for a long moment. As usual, she'd forgotten that he was still sixteen. "School starts tomorrow, Leanna." He said. She raised and eye brow and glanced over at the calender on the wall. "So it does...I forgot about that. I guess I'll have to have Tyler go pick it up again." She said with a disappointed sigh. Ty knew she was trying guilt trip him into skipping school just to pick up some package for her and didn't fall for it. "I still need to get a few things ready for tomorrow. I already made lunch and it's in the frig so you can get it when you're hungry." He said, grabbing a coke and popping it open. Leanna gave a wave of acknowledgment and he headed up the stairs to his room, quickly closing the door before she remembered something that she wanted him to do. Locking the door so he wouldn't be interrupted, he flicked on the desk light and sunk down into the chair. He already was ready for school tomorrow and had just told Leanna that so that she wouldn't bug him. Putting on his headphones he opened up the server for World of Warcraft and tuned out the noises in the apartment.

Zack had just gotten back from a whole day of surfing at the beach. He would have stayed for another hour but, he had bragged about beating to many older suffers. And although he wasn't scared of the other surfers he just didn't want to get banned from another beach. After parking his  car 

he went to his room to change his surf duds to his exploration clothes (Green t shirt and camo shorts). As he neared the rear exit of the mansion facing the woods he ran into his butler.(Charleston)
"Hey Charles." Zack said as he attempted to high five his butler.

"Good day sir Zack." Charles said as he stopped by the back door."You are back earlier than usual. Please tell me you haven't been banned again."
"No Charles i haven't been banned again." Zack said as he picked up his skate board by the back door. "it got a bit to crowded for my taste." he added as he tried to slip past Charles out the back door.

"I'm glad to hear that you haven't been banned again." Charles said as he moved away from the back door. "Well make sure you finish that project for you Father before he gets back from Europe  next week. You know how upset he gets when you forget."

"I will have it done. Construction technology isn't the easiest thing to develop." Zack said as he rolled his eyes and went out the back door. "Oh and my surf board is still in my car make sure it gets put up properly. K Charles. Bye!

With that Zack hopped onto his skateboard and headed down the road toward his favorite wood.

Thank you for your opening posts. Please look at OT thread for more info.

Kari put the lock on her bike, then adjusted her backpack as she ran up the steps.  School was starting in exactly 5 minutes and she needed to be on time, because she was forming a habit of being late.  Wearing short jean shorts with black leggings, a white tank top, a black newsboy cap and black knee-high boots with white laces, it was easy to spot her in a crowd.  The school didn't have much limits on clothing.

Weaving through the mass of students, she reached her class just in time and she sat down, taking her usual seat in the middle row next to the wall.  Pulling her books from her backpack, she prepared herself for another long day.

Azumi insisted her mother drop her off at least a block away from the school so she could walk the rest of the way. After the way her last semester of middle school ended, the last thing she wanted was to give the class gossips more fuel for their vicious rumors. She wore plain sneakers, loose fitting jeans, and a faded purple sweater. Not necessarily stylish, but at least it was comfortable. She made her way up the steps at the front of the school, trying to attract as little attention as possible. She shifted her backpack to center it a bit more and pushed her glasses, which had begun to slide down her nose, back into place.

Okay, guys, I need our next phase of attack to play through before Rina can release the powers. Please?

Ty didn't have to worry about sneaking out of the apartment because Leanna usually left at 5:00 in the morning. Being a fairly light sleeper, he'd gotten into a habit of waking up when she left and he double checked that he had everything in his backpack before sitting down on the couch to watch a bit of TV. Nothing good was on and he almost fell asleep again but quickly realized that he had to leave in only a few minutes. Snatching up his pack he exited the apartment, grabbing his skateboard on the way out. Once he got to the sidewalk he pulled his backpack over his shoulders and jumped on his skateboard, eating a pop-tart as he rode to school. He never had taken the bus and didn't planned to. Taking a shortcut through alley he slowed down a little as he neared the school. First days were never his favorite. 

Zack was getting ready to go to school again, his dad had hired a personal teacher to teach Zack at home but since his dad wasn't home he was able to confuse the staff at the mansion into enrolling him in a regular school. As he got ready he remembered that his prototype he promised his dad that he would have ready had to be ready within the next week. As he rushed through his morning routine he also jotted down a few quantum theories and started several complex diagnostics on a glowing flat piece of metal in his garage (And with ¾ of the garages floor covered in scientific equipment and the walls schematics, screens. The garage looked more like a science lab that a garage.). Then jumped into his car and drove to school.


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