Ha!  Zachary was a genius.  And I like stealing games.  Stole his description on this one to...

In this game you will ask a question (be it serious or pointless) and the next person will give a humorous answer, and the one that answered will ask his/her/its own question It can be any type of question, as long as it fits into the Who, What, Why, When, How categories.

Please no baited, or inappropriate questions. Violaters will get big words used on them by moderators and quite possibly blown up into billions of feathery ribbons. (I especially liked that part img src="http://www.bkserv.net/images/Tongue.gif"/>)


Why can birds fly but pigs can't?

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so we can pee in the toilet


why do i look wierd?

Cuz mean people stole your prettiness ;D

Why do cows moo?

Because if they clucked, then they'd be chickens.


Why does garlic make you burp?

Because if you didn't, then you'd die.

Why is the sky pink?

Because if it was yellow, it'd be Big Bird


Who doesn't enjoy enjoying happiness?

Not when it's from little children :P jk

depends on how happy the other person is and at who's expense.


why is it so cold?

:P  dont really get this;
Person asks a question, you answer humorously, then post your own question.  Help?

Yep. Thank vu.


Why is spongebob yellow?

because pink just didn't look right...


Why are pigs pink?

Because they wanted to show the flamingos that they could pull it off better.


Why don't monkeys fly?


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