So I'm testing out a new kind of writing for me and find it quite fun!

Hope you enjoy it!


Kern. (The green in his hair would be red)

Ranaveer (He'd look older)

Haven (with blue eyes)

Teaser (one of those back things)

This is my story that is almost true. 

When I get sucked up into one of my books I learn a writer hold a lot more power then I thought. It seems everyone wants me to tweak the book just a little bit in their favour and I quickly learn that if I want allies I'm going to have a tough time finding them.

Hope you enjoy it! I can't promise that I know what I'm doing though XP

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Chapter 1: My World... Alive

Hey! So I can’t really tell you my name, but this is a story about me. You see I’m a writer and this is a story of something that happened to me a while ago.

It was just a regular day and I was starting a new book. The setting was medieval, but that was really all I got… I sat back and closed my eyes, hands hovering above the keyboard, prepared to dive as soon as I commanded them.

That’s when it happened. Everything went black. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t.  I tried to move, but I was paralyzed. I felt terrified, desperately wanting to open my eyes.

No I’m not afraid of the dark, but I am claustrophobic and the dark seemed to get tighter all around me.

I started to panic and my throat got tight so I couldn’t breathe. Then suddenly… I don’t remember anything more until I sit up rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I opened them to find I was in the middle of a forest. At first I hoped I was in the forest near my house, but a quickly realized this forest was far warmer and there weren’t any pine trees. It was bustling with life and not a single animal was the least bit afraid of me.

“Wow…” I whispered. “This is the coolest dream.”

Now if you’re thinking. “Oh. It’s just a dream?” you’re wrong and so am I, but when you’re in a random forest at random, well of course you’re going to think it’s a dream. Now be quiet! Your thoughts are starting to bug me.

I was just beginning to enjoy myself deciding I may as well before it ended. That’s when everything went cold and I shivered. The forest began to get dark and the plants look evil now. The animal scurried away and hid in their burrows. I was left to fend for myself and I hid behind a tree unsure of where I was and where else to hid. But then a boy came running through the forest and stopping just feet from my tree. He looked my age and quiet handsome.

What? Hey! I’m 16, don’t judge, when I see a cute boy I can’t help it! Now if you’ll please!

Anyway he had coal black hair with the smallest strips of red softly mixed in. His eyes were the real thing that pulled me in. They were a perfect gold with a metallic blue that sparkled even in the darkened forest. He wore black clothing and with a black cloak, boots and thin gloves. He was panting and looked up spotting me peeking around the tree.

“H-hello?” He asked tentatively.

He didn’t seem to be the threat and I came out from behind the tree. “Why is it so dark all the sudden?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I’m not sure.”

I squint to see further into the forest, but see nothing. He’s looking over me and I turn to look at him.

“Your quiet beautiful.” He says in a silky whisper and I can’t help but blush. I run a hand through my blonde hair nearly forgetting about the threatening evil.  He smiled softly “I’m Kern and you?”

“Uhh…” I pause.  

You see my name is very secret and I hardly tell it to anyone unless they’re in real life. I tried to think up a great replacement and thought up one I had use at random one day.

“Mina… My name is Mina” I say.

He smiles softly making me feel like I’m going to melt. “Let me take you somewhere safe.” He said, his silky voice luring in and I slowly stepped forward.

Now if some of you notice I like to use names that have special meanings. If you were to Google Kern right now you learn his name means dark one (In some name sites). I do this specifically on purpose with most names to prove my point…Though sometimes I just name them randomly.

My blue eyes looked into his soft gold ones and I reach out a hand for his open one, slowly walking toward him like I’m in a trance.

If you’re wondering it’s not often that a guy’s calls me beautiful and such a cute one to! I was taken in easily without even considering who he was for a moment.  

I was just about to take his hand when another boy came bursting through the foliage. “Don’t do it!” He cried.

I pulled back in surprise.

This boy also looked my age and had bright orange hair and purple eyes. He looked very worried and I couldn’t help, but wonder why. “Who are you?” I asked.

“Ranaveer”(close to the name Ranveer meaning fearless warrior) He looked very serious. “Don’t listen to him! He wants to use you for his evil schemes!”

I laughed. “Me? For his evil plan? I’m hardly worth it. I’m just a writer.”

“That’s the point!” Ranaveer told me.

I stared at him blankly, not understanding. Kern held out a hand again “Come on. He’s crazy as you can tell. Quickly before his noise alerts the evil to this place.”

I looked back to Kern loving his idea, but something didn’t seem right. “What difference does it make that I’m a writer?” I ask Ranaveer.

Ranaveer looked serious. “You control the entire story! You can do anything! He wants you so he can change the story the way he likes it.” Ranaveer looked desperate. “Please.” He begged.

I began to wonder if I was really dreaming and pinch myself. Nothing happened and for the first time I finally understood this was no dream. “H-how do I know you won’t use me for your own plans?” I asked him.

Ranaveer looked at the ground. “I will not lie that the temptation is overwhelming, but I promise on the hearts of my family and my own that I will let you do what you wish with our story and not force you to do anything you don’t want.”

Something about this orange haired boy seemed completely sincere and I began to change my mind.

Kern tried to grab my hand forcefully and I jumped out of the way. “Don’t!” He said. His golden eyes bore into my soul, he seemed so perfect, but that’s what made me go to Ranaveer.

Kern looked angry. “Fine! I will make you rue the day you changed your mind! Next time we meet I will have you and you will finish this story the way I want it!” He laughed insanely as the darkness swirled around him until he disappeared.

I breathed a sigh of relief “Thank you for showing me who he really is.” I said.

“No problem.” Ranaveer said with a smile. “I don’t think I caught your name.”

I opened my mouth, but realized I couldn’t remember. “What did I call myself again?” I wondered. Finally it came to me “Ah um you can call me Mina.” I said.

Ranaveer smiled. “My name is rather long, most people just call me Rani”

“Ok… Rani.” I said testing out the name.

“I can take you to my home… if you’d like to, of course.” He held out a hand and I took it. He lifted me into his arms and my face went red.

“Uh.” I began, but before I could say anything he took off at an insane speed, his orange hair flying in the wind, eyes full of excitement. I held tightly on to him, no longer caring if he held me like this. Running at that speed was breath taking.

We stopped and he put me down.

“Sorry.” He said. “I hope you weren’t uncomfortable. It just would have taken us forever to get out of their otherwise.”

I’m still in shock from the run, but manage a smile. “That was so cool!”

SWEET! I love it!...I don't know why but I tend to like people with black hair.

Slade: We noticed.

Jafen: Yeah.

Sage: ...

Raven: Uh...

Sheath: *smirks*

Drajem: Wait..what?

Aerista: *faceplam*

Asoen: Oh great.

Jrey: *sighs and shakes head*

Zack: *rolls eyes* Ok, she gets the point you can stop now.

Me: I think I might have missed a few...

I like ppl with black hair to!

that was cool!

fyi, I noticed that when I posted my stories here, the indentations disappear when I pasted it. It was weird so she might have already had indentations.

Hey! Thanks for the review! 

I was thinking about indenting, but it reminds me of my english essay which still leave deep scars. *shudder* I did indent a bit but yeah it didn't work XP

I'm trying to write from a perspective that whats happened happened awhile ago and I'm simply explaining the story.

I've never read the twilight series...

When you say the perfect person do you mean me?

Thx for the critique again! I'll work on my character... which is me... I need to get a life...

Anywho, I wont be working on this book until I'm finished Light & Dark (Is determind) so you guys will have to wait.

After a lot of consideration I've decided to scrap this story. I may rewrite it one day, but for now I'm going to throw it out.


Sorry. I've tried to write it but every time I do I feel so... well... i donno...

B-but ;(

I know what the word I was looking for! I felt to hot headed when I tried to write it. Or is that the right word....


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