The Miller Bros have said that they're going to write new Codebearer books after Eye of Ends which focus on other characters.  Which characters would y'all like to see with their own series?

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I think the original Hunter Brown series has done a good enough job developing Trista on its own, but I'd definitely like a book all about Rob.
It didn't really say a whole lot about Rob's first adventures
Probably I would like to see more of Caleb Hunter's back story, and Xaul's.
Oh yes. A back story on Caleb!! That would be good.
Thank you
Does Hunter choose Hope or Trista? I think they should do one with Hunter and his friends grown up. That be fun.
Weel Hope ain't exactly an option any more, so...

They really are making more Codebearers books?! YAAAAYYY!!!.

Coming from a person who hasn't read book 3 yet, I think there should be a story about:

- Faldyn :D

- Evan (& his whole backstory & his relationship with Hunter's dad)

- Hunter's dad & the whole story of how he went rogue or whatever

Ooo, story on Evan.  I'm with you there.
What I really want to see in the new books is for them to be in the spirit of SotS--focusing on the Resistance as a whole and the Codebearers' battles against dispirits, gorewings, goblins, Shadow lords, and all those other cool bad guys.
yeah. I think that the battle at the end of EoE was the best yet!
Yep, true.  I would so love to see that scene in a movie.


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