The Miller Bros have said that they're going to write new Codebearer books after Eye of Ends which focus on other characters.  Which characters would y'all like to see with their own series?

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Thanks. Your ideas are good too. I know what you mean about rambling. I do that too sometimes.
Thanks. And yeah, I guess everyone does it sometimes.
I'd like Hope's background and, well, i have to say..................i'm really not that interested in Xaul..........but, i would like Philon's, Sam's, and Faldyn's back story!
i'd like to know more about Gabby and Gerwin.
Hope has been the story that puzzled me the most, her's and Falydn's (SP). But we pretty much heard his in 3. So now I really want Hope's! It's like a puzzle that's been left undone....and that just doesn't sit well with a perfectionist, lol

They did give a bit of back-story on Hope in book three... about as much as Faldyn anyway.

All they did was say how she ended up there....but...she still has a lot unanswered. All the important mysterious things about Faldyn were pretty much answered though, in my opinion.

Hope, Faldyn or Trista are the ones I would LOVE to hear more about Hope and Trista are some of my favorite characters.


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