Here we can reminice with fond memories of the old site. I found this paper yesterday from the old forums and inspired me to make this thread. 

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"I got the shrink raaaayyyy." *blank stare*  "Cotton candy?"
Gru! We have 12 days until the moon is in optimum position!"
"Those are my...cousins."
"Here's the new weapon you ordered..." *Fires* "No! I said dart gun, not- okaaay..."

What a time to be alive.

I randomly remember the people from the old site through out my days and it's usually a pleasant experience. Until I remember how annoying and borderline pathetic I was. Hehe.

I had like 3 accounts on the old site because I kept forgetting my password because I was always making it ridiculously hard and impossible to remember.

This was WAAAYYYYY before my time. 


I have to ask though, did you ever play that game on the old site, Hope? 

What game?

Ah nevermind. It was just a weird old game that use to be on the old website.

Here! Gaze upon what the old site looked like! Kinda....


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