What is your idea of and unforgettble or a perfact date. Or if you have already had your perfect date, share it here

Like my idea of a perfact date would be a picnic on the beach, then a walk on the beach holding hands and then afterwards lying in the sand and looking up at the stars

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I hope it never fell down!!

YOU know every thing was sparkling from all the dew

I bet God was there!! 

I bet he was. sounds like it.


Too bad you haven't met me in person yet.

haha ya let me know when yr headin over to Canada lol 


Date master here.

A small dinner in the late evening, preferably something not too shabby, and no ripoff places like Olive Garden.

Beautiful spot, tell her she's far more beautiful than whatever it was once you're about to leave.

Icecream or cake later, smallllllllllll amounts, like a slice each or two scoops, broho.

Walk her through water barefoot in a pond, at a beach or a lake, hold her hand and sing softly just to her, with your own special lyrics.

Pl0x lay down with eachother and watch stars or whatever is going to be up in the sky. (Hint hint, buy fireworks and have people set them off at a certain time.)

Take her back to her house, walk her to her door, kiss her and open the door, then quietly slip a note of something sappy in their mailbox.

x3 Pro pro pro pro pro.


OOOOooooooOOOOoooooOOOOoooooOOOOoooooOOOOooo sounds SWeeT! ;)


Going to Starbucks and each ordering a drink, then curling up together on the sofas they have, taking turns whispering secrets in each other's ear.

I don't know, but I think more casual dates are fun, though romance saturated ones are just fine too :)
Actually, no. Perfect date?

Going to one of your houses, making homemade pizza together, then curling up on the couch and talking while eating.


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