What is your idea of and unforgettble or a perfact date. Or if you have already had your perfect date, share it here

Like my idea of a perfact date would be a picnic on the beach, then a walk on the beach holding hands and then afterwards lying in the sand and looking up at the stars

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Just wait till I post tomorrow. *Wink*
Mhm I know :)

Oh dear. Should I be nervous? DX

The perfect date... hmm.

I would think the perfect date would be in the middle of the night. He'd knock on my window and we'd sneak out of the house and probably go to the turtle pond. We'd lay out a blanket and share some tasty chocolate while telling each other secrets or small stories about ourselves. Then we'd probably feed the ducks or walk along the paths. When we were way to weary to stay up any longer he'd take me home and we'd probably be caught by my parents. Then even though we got into trouble we'd still hold it as a special time deep in our hearts. *sigh* that would probably be a romantic date to me. <3

....course it would never happen. XP 

wouldn't that be cool if it happened to you tonight!!!! i bet you are gonna get dressed up all nice just in case.... XP

Nope. Canadian men can't live up to actual American men's standard. Sorry gurl, move ta America. x3

Well I don't know about that. XP I think my true love isn't here or in the US. He's probably in Japan or south america. *sigh* thats why it'll never happen. 

hahah yeah and in movies they have like this perfact, romantic guy....and you can never find those today :'(

Well I think God's got my true love waiting for me somewhere out there. :) its a big world out there!

I'm sorry that theres a limited supply:c

All of those "Good but bad" guys killed most of them off. :c

Gotta hate those guys. They redefine the term, "wolf in sheep's clothing."

Mine would be kayaking on a crystal clear lake with fish jumping and wonderful quiet

Mmm kayaking.... So fun.


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