What is your idea of and unforgettble or a perfact date. Or if you have already had your perfect date, share it here

Like my idea of a perfact date would be a picnic on the beach, then a walk on the beach holding hands and then afterwards lying in the sand and looking up at the stars

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MmmmmmX) That sounds a bit creepyx3 But kay. Unless y'know, she had coffee earlier.

It does? Oh, oops XD It's not my intention to be creepy.

Well, true. But then you wouldn't be going to sleep at all XD

I can do another.

Really? X)


Then you should. I have an hour break right now. It'll be nice to read something X)

Take her to a special spott. (Like a pond, surrounded by a ton of willow trees.)

Blanket and teaX)

Cover yourselves in the blanket, talk to each other sweetly. And ofcourse, drink tea.

X) Ofc, listen to the wind, kiss eachother, watch stars, cuddle with eachotherr. Etc.


Driving to that spot that looks over your whole city at ten at night.

Parking the car and shutting it off but letting soft music play in the background.

Letting the girl curl up against the guy and lean her head on his shoulder.

And den just talkity talk talkin the night away X)

how about this:

spending the whole day by a lake.

Get there early to watch the sunrise's colors be reflected on the water.

Spend the morning seeing if you can walk all the way around it. See what treasures may be hiding around the edge. 

Have a picnic lunch.

Have a swim, seeing you can dunk who the most often, who can dive deeper, etc.

Watch the fireflies come out while rowing around the lake, something like the lantern scene from Tangled except with fireflies.


Do that. Then cuddle plop in the middle of the field.

not exactly a date:

you leave little notes for each other all day. they can be riddles with love phrases for answers or reminders of memories and why they special. stuff like that.

Then it leads to a place where chur at. 


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