I have a theory on Hope but I don't have any evidence to back it up, but it would make a lot of sence(SP). Anyhow here it is:

Do you think Hope is a shining one? Not a watcher but some other race of shining one.

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What kind of other shining one?
IDK like I said I have no proof . I thought I did because at first I thought that was her nickname from the noctus (SP?) but I read that whole chapter over and didn't see it . But I don't think she would be a watcher.
Naw, she's a Virtuis (definitely misspelled), can't be a watcher too.  Though that would be cool.  Watchers are cool.  Evan is a watcher and he's my favorite character.
You probably guessed that Hope is mine. I'm glad they brought her back in the 3rd book....if they didn't it would be awful
I read Virus the first time I read and I was like, "Wha???" lol I had to take a double take there. lol
Well, she could be a virus too... ;P
lol wow....that would really be sad....
Yeah....But she ain't, so it isn't.
Virturess. She isn't a Watcher or Shining One, but exactly that- Hope. Without her they were defeated. with her they could do anything. They had Hope. Literally.
Don't you ever wonder why she's always in just the right place at just the right time? Or how she knows so much more of the picture than everyone else? Or even how she got her "fire powers"? It would make sence I she was a Shining one.
BTW does anyone know what a vuirituis(SP) is? They've never really explained it and it's been driving me crazy to find out what it actually means :-S
we hope for an explanation soon. lol. In book 2, Gabby said that Hope was a gift. that's all we know a virtuous to be.

it says in book 3 that hope is a virtuis, a gift from the Author.


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