The land of Andaeriel use to be a peaceful land. The King and Queen ruled with power a gentle hand. All the subjects enjoyed a time of unity and great prosperity. That is until Saerwen came to power. Like a bad dream, the witch came one day and changed everything. Now, the last of the free creatures are doomed to be rounded up and killed. But one is searching for heroes from our world. 5 special teens with gifts to discover and nuture if they are to save this land. One of might.(super strength) One of insight.(telepathy and/or visions. may also have telekenisis) One to guide.(hunter and tracking instincts). One to fade. (invisibilty). One to fly.(flight capabilites). They are who she
seeks. However, Saerwen also knows about the one who seeks these heroes. She has "heroes" of her own. One of earth. One of fire. One of water. These three she sends out to stop those who dare to overthtrow her. Time is short. The land needs a hero. And now.

Okay, you can choose to be one of the 5, one of the 3, or someone else.
Other characters are talking animals, elves, centaurs, etc. It's
Narnai-ish. Be creative. you can make up to 3 characters. I'll be
Saerwen and the One who is looking for the heroes. Post your character
for me to see. If you choose to be one of hte 5, the one you choose to
be must have the power listed, but can have another like able to
control weather or something. The 5 are from our world while the 3 are
from the other world.

Age: (they are teens. I will go as high as 21 though)

Name: Marjabelle (The One)
Age: ????
Power: Can sense others powers and abilities. Can use a random power when in danger.
Description:(the star stands for the King of the Lands. kinda like the cross stands for Christ.)
Personality:Authoritive. Kind. Gentle.
Bio: She is the last of her kind in the land. She appears human, but is
not. No one knows what she is. Some say she is the daughter of the King
of the Lands, the One who created everything. now, she is calling upon
the heroes needed to save this world from evil.

Name: Queen Saerwen
Age: ?????
Power: Able to overpower the mind and bend it to her will. Power over
the weather.
Description:, dresses in dark colors, wears a jeweled necklace that gives her her powers.
Personality:Very evil. Cannot stand for incompetance. Her way or the
high way.
Bio:She took over the kingdom as a plan for revenge. She was next in
line for the throne. She was banished for practicing the dark arts. Now
is is back and ready to take what she believes to be rightfully hers.