You wanna learn how to roleplay?  We can help.  Seriously.  If you want to learn, we’re willing to teach.  And I’m not just talking to you new people to the site, I’m talking to everyone.  We want to give you everything we know on the matters of roleplaying so you can be awesome at it.  If you want to have that, come on in. 

If you’re wondering about who “we” are, it’s just me and Micah.  No mysterious committee or anything super cool like that, sorry.  But we still know what we’re doing, so please join us.

But before you do, one thing must be clearly understood.  We are the teachers.  We know what we’re teaching.  You may know the fundamentals of roleplaying, but not the fine arts.  That’s what we’re here to teach.  I’m not saying we know everything there is to know on the subject.  No one can truthfully say that.  If someone does say that, they’re just full of hot air.  But we do know the most of anyone here on codebearers, with one or two exceptions.  I do not mean to offend anyone with this statement, but it is a fact, one you will have to concede to if you want to learn from us.  If you don’t want to concede to it and claim that you know as much or more than us, don’t come here.  If what you say is true, good for you!  Have fun roleplaying.  If what you say isn’t true, you have my condolences. 


Now, let’s get down to learning.  We will give you exercises pertaining to roleplaying and you will do them.  It may be a profile you need to create within certain guidelines, or a scenario to play through.  The exercises will vary.  We don’t have some sort of set curriculum or anything.  So basically, you come here to learn, we give you stuff to learn by, you learn from it.  That last part is the hopeful part.  If you don’t learn by it, my apologies.  We will do our best to help, and that’s all we can do.

We will not sugarcoat any aspect of our critique.  Neither will we simply tear your work apart.  You do your best, we give you our best. 

To give you that best, we will only be doing this for five people at a time.  If you want to do this, simply post that desire below.  It is not first come first serve.  If there are more than five people we will pick the five we think need it most and the others will wait until next course.  There is no defined length to these courses.  We will work with you until we believe we can no longer teach you anything useful. 



Class members:


Tanwen Fire Elf

John Elisha



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(So this is what you've been working on...)
I'd love to learn anything you can teach me! I've just basically...figured it out as I went along, but if there's more to learn, I definitely want to learn it!!

Interesting concept..... Hmmmm, it depends on how often the "assignments" will be given out. But if it's not something crazy like every hour, then sure, I might be interested.

It would be once a day at most, but probably less often than that.  We have to think of the exercises before we can assign them after all.

I'm ready and willing to learn!

You made this just because I was clueless last night, didn't you?

No, I actually made this before last night.


I would love to learn more =)

All right guys, sorry for the delay.  C-Rae, Tanwen, Satar, Rystal, and Lynzdey, you guys are our first class.  Perhaps next round you can join in, Kademee.  Take it as a compliment. ;P

Class starts now.  If you take longer than, say, a week to respond to an assignment, you get kicked.  Unless you were on vacation or something.  The reasoning behind that being that if you take that long to respond in an actual game, it's quite possible that you will be left behind or kicked out of that game, especially if I'm running it.

Assignment No. 1:

Define a Roleplaying game.  In your own words, tell us what makes an RPG, an RPG.  And when I say your own words, I mean it.  Don't look at what the other people post if that is gonna influence what you say.

A roleplaying game is a storyline made by the creator which the players make characters, elaborating on the story in a creative manner. What make an RPG good is all in how the players follow the rules, write consistently, and develop their characters.

The question was what an RPG is, not what makes one good.  Stick to the questions, no more, no less.

Sorry omit the second sentence then.

(When other people ask me I always have a hard time explaining. Normally I say it is like playing with barbies only in a writing format.  XP)


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