You wanna learn how to roleplay?  We can help.  Seriously.  If you want to learn, we’re willing to teach.  And I’m not just talking to you new people to the site, I’m talking to everyone.  We want to give you everything we know on the matters of roleplaying so you can be awesome at it.  If you want to have that, come on in. 

If you’re wondering about who “we” are, it’s just me and Micah.  No mysterious committee or anything super cool like that, sorry.  But we still know what we’re doing, so please join us.

But before you do, one thing must be clearly understood.  We are the teachers.  We know what we’re teaching.  You may know the fundamentals of roleplaying, but not the fine arts.  That’s what we’re here to teach.  I’m not saying we know everything there is to know on the subject.  No one can truthfully say that.  If someone does say that, they’re just full of hot air.  But we do know the most of anyone here on codebearers, with one or two exceptions.  I do not mean to offend anyone with this statement, but it is a fact, one you will have to concede to if you want to learn from us.  If you don’t want to concede to it and claim that you know as much or more than us, don’t come here.  If what you say is true, good for you!  Have fun roleplaying.  If what you say isn’t true, you have my condolences. 


Now, let’s get down to learning.  We will give you exercises pertaining to roleplaying and you will do them.  It may be a profile you need to create within certain guidelines, or a scenario to play through.  The exercises will vary.  We don’t have some sort of set curriculum or anything.  So basically, you come here to learn, we give you stuff to learn by, you learn from it.  That last part is the hopeful part.  If you don’t learn by it, my apologies.  We will do our best to help, and that’s all we can do.

We will not sugarcoat any aspect of our critique.  Neither will we simply tear your work apart.  You do your best, we give you our best. 

To give you that best, we will only be doing this for five people at a time.  If you want to do this, simply post that desire below.  It is not first come first serve.  If there are more than five people we will pick the five we think need it most and the others will wait until next course.  There is no defined length to these courses.  We will work with you until we believe we can no longer teach you anything useful. 



Class members:


Tanwen Fire Elf

John Elisha



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Name: Kimberly Ryder

Age: 16

Description: Kimberly is of medium height, and is thin without being too thin. She has long, straight brown hair and blue eyes. She likes to wear T-shirts and jackets, skirts with leggings, and Converse shoes.

Bio (background info): Kimberly is an only child and is homeschooled. Her family moved to Grantsville when her father got a job offer there. That was the first time that she had ever moved, and she left many memories, family members, and good friends behind her. It’s only been six months since the move, and she is still adjusting to her new surroundings.

Name: Naomi

Age: 16

Description: She is always seen in the most popular brand name clothing, her brunette hair in perfect curls, and she is quite tall.

Bio: Naomi grew up in a very wealthy family, she was raised by nannies and rarely sees her parents.

She is leader of the "*Puffs" in her private school. Others consider her a spoiled snob.

Naomi has lived in Grantsville all her life and will make your life miserable if you get in her way.

Puffs*-- The most popular click in school and only the wealthiest girls with the highest grades get in.

C-Rae, Tanwen, you guys are pushing the deadline.  Post by tomorrow or I will have to kick the both of you.

Name: Amaryllis (Ay-Mary-Lees) White

Age: 16 (popular age, eh?)


Bio :Amaryllis was adopted from a Japanese orphanage at a young age by a very rich, old-fashioned couple. They send her to a strict boarding school in Grantsville, where she has made a total of zero friends. Despite her upbringing, she loves all things nature, and has no interest in her schoolwork. Free-spirited, she often skips her classes to escape to the countryside. Her aspiration is to become a dress designer by basing her designs solely on nature.    

*Sorry it took so long to get that done, Mike. I left it to the last minute 'cause I was so busy, then I got sick and didn't feel up to doing it 'till now. Anywho, nobody else put pics, so let me know if you want me to get rid of mine.*  

Okay, so you have your profiles.  Cool beans.  Now I'm going to grill you and force you to expand them.  These are real people with real lives.  As such, you will learn every detail about these characters.  I will only stop once I'm satisfied that you've delved deep into them.

So, question time.

John:  He's a child genius, cool, a bit cliche, but okay.  But who is he?  He's smart, that's all we know.  There is no detail in there about the kid himself.  Do his brains make him arrogant and so the kids whoop up on him more?  Does he use his brains to hack into systems and get cool stuff?  How do his brains affect him as a person?

Rystal (sorry, I don't flow good with name changes):  She moved, good characterization thingy there, but it's not explored.  You can focus a whole lot around this.  She moved.  She's sixteen, that means she left her whole life behind her.  Friends, favorite hangouts, possibly family, everything.  Six months is practically zip time to adjust, so you can have her hurt fresh as a daisy.  Did she leave any particular persons behind?  Does she have any new friends?  Does she even like Grantsville?

Lynzdey:  Spoiled snob.  That is incredibly cliche.  Naomi's life is one big cliche.  However, you can change that.  I don't mean the profile, you change her story.  Be a spoiled snob, but don't be stereotypical.  Why does she act the way she does?  Don't go for the normal "parents ignore her" routine.  Find another route, another reason she would put up the pretense of being on top of everything.  Something fresh, something new.  There are other reasons out there for why she would act the way she does.

Tanwen:  Why doesn't she make friends?  Is she annoying?  Arrogant?  Bossy?  Just plain weird?  What?  Exchange student brings about interesting possibilities.  But you have to expand.  All we know is that she likes nature.  Why?  What is her draw to the natural world?

C-Rae:  That's not a person.  That's an accident.  Assuredly, it can make for an interesting person, maybe.  But as is, it's nothing.  She is nothing.  An accident, right.  She forgot everything.  That's not something you can shrug off and continue life as usual with.  Everything.  That would mean she didn't know her parents, her friends, her life.  It's like she started all over again, except from age eleven.  How did/does she cope?  How did she get her life back?  Did she get her life back?  How did her parents cope?  It would affect them almost as much as her.  She's a fifteen year old with only four years of living memory.  How does this shape her?

As Christmas is just in three days, we'll take a short break.  The week deadline does not start until Monday.  So you will have to answer these questions by next Monday.  Not this Monday, next Monday.  Remember, try not to take the whole week.  If you consistently take a whole week with assignments, that will also get you kicked.  Also, if you want to post a reply over the weekend, feel free.

Sorry, but we're all booked up at the moment.  I don't know when this course will be over, but when it is, if you're still interested, you can join up then.

Everyone, the assignment has officially started.  You have a week.

Bio (background info): Kimberly is an only child and is homeschooled. Her family moved to Grantsville when her father got a job offer there. That was the first time that she had ever moved, and she left many childhood memories behind her, both happy and sad, but memories all the same, not to mention the house she grew up in, her best friends (all her friends, actually), many family members, all her favorite places to hang out, and many of her own things that they couldn’t afford to bring with them. It’s only been six months since the move, and she is still adjusting to her new surroundings. The house is smaller and a completely strange place to her, the backyard is tiny, her bedroom is cramped, and she’s having a very hard time making new friends. She feels like she’s stuck permanently travelling, with no place to come home to. Grantsville isn’t home to her, and she wants to leave.   

Bio: Amaryllis was adopted from a Japanese orphanage at a young age by a very wealthy, old-fashioned couple. They lived on a large large estate in the middle of a rich community. Despite her strict educational upbringing, Amaryllis has always felt an unexplained draw to nature. Her best explanation is that nature is where she feels free, but this wasn't a good enough reason for her parents. They felt that she needed to be sent to a boarding school in Grantsville, where they hope she will "come to her senses". Despite her wanting to make her parents happy, she often escapes to the mountains or forests instead of coming to class. There she pursues her secret aspiration; to design jewelry and cloths based solely on nature. Unfortunately though, she is perceived by her peers as a loner. This is largely because she really has no desire to make friends with the other girls, as she sees them as either too consumed by their studies or just plain snobbish.

Bio:Raised in a small homeschooling household in a small town with a small amount of socialization, Alton was a born genius. At 4, he had his own computer. At 5 ½, He had already disected it, and at 6, he had already mastered BASIC. By 8, he was fluent in 15 different languages, 9 of them programming languages.His diverse interests, combined with the fact that he lived in a small town, caused him to have no true friends, aside from his 3 sisters. At 11, he had his first encounter in a public school. He was on the High Honour Roll, taking classes 3 years ahead of himself, and was the teacher's pet.His parents made sure that his knowledge and attention by the teachers didn't "go to his head", so to speak. Unfortunately, he was the brunt of all the jokes, was completely UN-athletic, and spent all of his time in the computer lab, where he recieved his nickname, Alpha, after the first phase of software testing. After that year, he continued his homeschool education, far surpassing his grade, and graduating from high school at 13.Alton has moved several times, causing him to lose many friends. This has hardened him to the cruelty of others, but has also caused him to seclude himself, to keep from being hurt from lost friendships anymore. A year has passed, and Alton has been working towards online college. He has his own arsonal of computer equipment and technology at his disposal. His knowledge of Networking, C#, C++, Java, and an arsenal of other languages, along with his collection of software, hardware, and firmware, allow him to create almost anything. He also has an extensive knowledge of basic physics, geometry, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and many other subjects. He is unofficially involved in an underground white-collar hacking ring, meaning that he has the knowledge, but would never use it to hurt anyone. He is also a part of countless internet societies and forums, the only way that he's ever been able to make friends that he could conversate with, anytime, anywhere.

Sorry if this is a bit long, I just wanted to include lots of detail.

C-Rae, Lynzdey, two days.

OT: Mike, I just wanted you to know, I have to close my current account, and will reopen it under the name Comp52. I'll be posting this info under the "introductions"section as well, but I thought you should know so that when I use my new account, you'll know it's me.


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