You wanna learn how to roleplay?  We can help.  Seriously.  If you want to learn, we’re willing to teach.  And I’m not just talking to you new people to the site, I’m talking to everyone.  We want to give you everything we know on the matters of roleplaying so you can be awesome at it.  If you want to have that, come on in. 

If you’re wondering about who “we” are, it’s just me and Micah.  No mysterious committee or anything super cool like that, sorry.  But we still know what we’re doing, so please join us.

But before you do, one thing must be clearly understood.  We are the teachers.  We know what we’re teaching.  You may know the fundamentals of roleplaying, but not the fine arts.  That’s what we’re here to teach.  I’m not saying we know everything there is to know on the subject.  No one can truthfully say that.  If someone does say that, they’re just full of hot air.  But we do know the most of anyone here on codebearers, with one or two exceptions.  I do not mean to offend anyone with this statement, but it is a fact, one you will have to concede to if you want to learn from us.  If you don’t want to concede to it and claim that you know as much or more than us, don’t come here.  If what you say is true, good for you!  Have fun roleplaying.  If what you say isn’t true, you have my condolences. 


Now, let’s get down to learning.  We will give you exercises pertaining to roleplaying and you will do them.  It may be a profile you need to create within certain guidelines, or a scenario to play through.  The exercises will vary.  We don’t have some sort of set curriculum or anything.  So basically, you come here to learn, we give you stuff to learn by, you learn from it.  That last part is the hopeful part.  If you don’t learn by it, my apologies.  We will do our best to help, and that’s all we can do.

We will not sugarcoat any aspect of our critique.  Neither will we simply tear your work apart.  You do your best, we give you our best. 

To give you that best, we will only be doing this for five people at a time.  If you want to do this, simply post that desire below.  It is not first come first serve.  If there are more than five people we will pick the five we think need it most and the others will wait until next course.  There is no defined length to these courses.  We will work with you until we believe we can no longer teach you anything useful. 



Class members:


Tanwen Fire Elf

John Elisha



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Kimberly sighed. She had been doodling, but now she put down her pencil. She wriggled uncomfortably in her chair. The atmosphere in the room was so strained....

Well, since I'm stuck here, I might as well at least try to be social, she thought. She looked over to the girl sitting a seat away from her to the left and made herself say, "Uh, hi. I'm Kimberly. What's your name?"

Notoni looked around the room at the other "students". Some of them evidently didn't like the silence either. She turned to the girl, Kimberly, who had asked the question. "Um.... Notoni." She mentally kicked her self for hesitating. Nothing more suspicious than hesitating on your own name. "So, what are we supposed to do? Just sit here?" She carefully closed her notebook, hiding her drawings from the others.

Amaryllis looked up from her sketch. "We're supposed to.. learn," she said, looking at Natoni, "We might as well finish the introductions, I'm Amaryllis. Has everyone else been introduced?" she asked, looking around.

"No." Naomi said firmly. "I'm Naomi." "Now since we have no idea what we are here to learn, how about we start with the basics. Kimberly, what's your story?"

I thought she was an obnoxious snob?

She is..

That didn't really sound obnoxious though...a bit bossy yes, but not really snobbish.  From what you put in the profile, you want this to be one of those characters that you just want to throttle as you're reading her, yet, at the same time, there is some redeeming quality deep inside her somewhere that makes it worth reading.  Yes?

Yes, however, I am having a bit of a writers block at the moment and can't come up with any snotty remarks to write into what I want to say.

*Sigh*  I'm closing this down, people.  This thing was designed to help the really lame players on here, and, honestly, you guys are better than most of the other players.  No doubt there is some stuff I could teach you, but, obviously, the whole getting on consistently is the thing you have the most trouble with.

So down it goes.  I will, of course, still be happy to offer advice if wanted, but that would be conducted on my page.


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