Hey, I'm someone who used to use this cite a lot (over 5 years ago). I stumbled over a bookmark for my page here so I thought I would do a quick check. I see there is still activity but I was wondering who is still here, like are any of the OGs from when I was active still around? Or is it mostly newer people active?

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Uh, I'm- newer, but I just didn't use the site then, but I've been active for maybe a year-ish now- I'd have to check. Nice to see someone else on here, even if you're only here for a couple posts!!

Yea it's kinda sad to see this site so dead. It was dying when I joined but there was still some cool stuff happening. There is still, a lot of cool stuff here though.

Yeah. Kinda sad, but there are still new people every so often, so, yeah, pretty cool.

have any of the mods been on that you have seen?

Blade's been on from time to time. 

*pokes head out of the shadows*

See? Hey, Blade!


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