What was your first impression of him etc.?

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pretty much.
I at first thought he was bad, but since authors do the twist stuff, I got to thinking... What if Hunter's dad really is dead and that's really Tonomis and I got around to the Vogler/Good guy thing
totaly don't know what that was suppost to mean.

what if the Miller Brothers started a sister seres about the Watchers

That would be so stinking cool!! Great idea!

Hehe, this is random, but I just remembered... not too long ago, while I was in the car with my parents, we passed by a house that had lots of blackbirds in the yard. It reminded me of that scene from Eye of Ends. I had to resist the urge to shout, "VOGLER!!!"

I wouldn't have resisted

Me neither.

i thought at first that he was bad 

He's awesome...

Hey bro ho no, I'm not reading none of this. I just want the domination of the whole forum page.



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