Here is where we decide the winners of our debates.  Any debate that is open for voting I will have up in the Text Box of this group (the place above the threads, for those of you that don't know).  To vote, simply post the name of the person you think won.  Do not post anything else.  You may, however, include a few extra sentences (such as, "Personally I think this is better than that, but whatshisface provided a better argument in favor of that, which is why I voted for him" or "I liked that so and so used this point or method" etc.).  Do not turn this into a discussion thread.  That's what the comment box, and our personal pages are for. 

One vote per person.  Participants of a debate cannot vote concerning that debate.  Voting will be open for one week, or until all members of the group have voted.  Any post that does not contain a vote will be deleted.

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It also says in James "relion that is pure is this... keep yourselves from being polluted by the world." Harry Potter is definitely pollution. If anyone can find anything in the bible that says otherwise, please show me. I'm always willing to learn more bible.

I'm ok with people hating Christians but I'm not ok with christans not obeying God so they fit in with the world.

Solo should we start a new debate? Or new debate club?
Also, who wins "Once Saved Always Saved?"

Dark Lord got my vote.


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