Hi Guys, Girls and...Others. An awesome RPGer friend of mine (Bladebearer) linked me here, So I decided to check it out ^^ I might stay on the sidelines till I get the hang of things here but I cant wait to See you all around the forums. Well anyway the basic facts about me. I come from the south of england I can be incredibly lazy when I want to be I love to write draw sing and edit/create Pictures. I am a Anime nerd and a Chocolate adict.

(Thats all I can think of for now =D)


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Glad you made your way here

I can completely relate to the lazy part.  It's what I've been most of today after all.  And the writing, I like writing.


Anyway, I'm Mista Stickabee (obviously).  *Sticks out hand*  Nice to meetcha.

but we call him Mike around here.


Awesome to have you on board here. This is where I learned my ace roleplaying skilz. We could use anothr rper around. We still trying to get up to speed after almost a year without this place.



So, when are we gonna have that masked ball in Enchanted Academy, Kat?

Im writing it up now and spectaculars not gonna even come close I just need to make sure I dont over do it ^^


Enchanted Academy is like one of my fav rps on ctf.

you are a radical person.

Maybe I could do a remake here some day a fair amount of people have lost intrest on CTF

That be cool.

I did that with my roleplay.

 Hello Mike =) Its awesome to meet you *Shakes hand*

Yeah, it was my name on the old site, so I'm stuck with it.


I don't know about ace RP skillz, but I learned how to play here to.  Got a game of sorts going on if you're interesting.  Like Blade said, can always use another RPer.

Id love too ^^ Id like to get into an rpg game on here
Kewl.  It's in the RPG forum under the name of "The game you all probably haven't been waiting for".  I'm just great with names.
Taking a look Now


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