What are you listening to? Write the song and who sings it.


The Christmas Shoes, Newsong.

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They are my brothers

Blade and TDOW are my sisters

Not completely. TTUG is at a college like three states away. We're Skyping him. I'm using my mom's account because I'm not quite old enough to have an account. yet. Just one more year. My little brother doesn't get on at all.

It is a little confusing. But it kinda makes sense.

Misunderstood- AJ Michalka

Yes I have!!

Madison Rising~ "Star Spangled Banner"


Skillet-Not gonna DIE

Capital Kings- ready for home

One Girl Nation-Invade

One Girl Nation-Love like Crazy

Audio Adrenaline- Raise the banner

Spirit Blade Productions-Bring me to life

You've heard of Spirit Blade Productions????

Ermegerd!    I never got into Matthew West, but hey, new albums are always good.

We Are On Fire, by Cocorosie

Owl City is good.  Have you listened to his performance of In Christ Alone?

Alone Apart, by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

You might be a homeschooler3-blimey cow


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