One of yours, TTUG.


So, here's how it works.  I make a statement about myself and then ask "Who are you?"  Then you make a statement about yourself and repeat the question.


"I am a person who is sad.  Who are you?"

"I am a person who is happy.  Who are you?"


Pretty simple, but fun.  Okay, let's go.




I am a person who currently hates Spanish.  Who are you?

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I'm finishing an associates degree at college soon!

What about you?

thinking of stating a bachelors degree

What about you?

Someone who's starting a job soon! ...Albeit one at a Dunkin Donuts, but still

Who are you?

Just someone wondering why the site looks different


someone who's glad it isn't just them.

And you?

Someone who has been in contact with the Miller Brothers about what's going on.

What about you?

Someone who's happy to see you, Blade! o/

Who are you?

I'm also happy to see Blade! And glad it's not just different to me too!

Who are you?

I'm just someone who's happy to be home right now.

Who would you be?

Ecstatic about Christmas!


chillin' in the new year

how about you?

I'm super glad it's not 2020 any more!

And you?


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