I know I know, your probably thinking. "Mina! You've got waaaay to many storys going at once to be writing another!" 

Well after some careful prioritizing I learned that I'm currently only really working on one book. So I decided to write one more. :D

Oh, right. If you can't take blood or any gore I suggest you find another book annnnddd there might be romance, but I highly doubt it...

Comments or suggestions are welcome! ^^ I may not listen but tell me anyway. XD

Anyway so I hope you like it!


By Mina 

Started May 8th 2012


It is said that way up in the clouds lived a kingdom, although it is not as high as space or the heavens, but high enough to not be found by humans of any sort. The kingdom floats on a cloud and is luscious and luxurious in every way. The buildings are built out of precious stones and metals. There were plants everywhere, all being exotic and unworldly. The kingdom is, while though modern, also very environmentally friendly and communes with nature. At the highest point to the kingdom sits a glorious castle that puts all the other building to shame. Here lives the people’s kind and generous ruler. Speaking of the people, they are probably the most interesting thing of the kingdom. The people had smooth, silky and slightly dark skin. (Since they are so close to the sun) vibrantly colored eyes and hair, but the most interesting and amazing thing about these people was their wings. Yes wings, large, feathered wings that usually matched the bearer’s hair color and size. This made the people unique and set apart from the humans down below. They wanted nothing to do with that world and taught their children to stay away from it.

They were so concerned about evil from below they never expected to find it within.

One fateful night the Queens son was snatched from his crib and carried off by a jealous member of the Queens court. He had heard nothing, but how beautiful this child was for the past couple of weeks and tired, he decided to get rid of it.

The Queen cried in misery while the entire kingdom searched in vain for the child who wasn’t even a month old. It was all futile though; the child’s captor had left the kingdom in the sky and would never be seen again.


Hawk: With white wings that have a black edge at the bottom and black at the ends of his hair.

Seth: With gold wings. I love Pic monkey! <3




Falcon: (No jewellery) 

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So I haven't written the first chapter yet, but I will do that... sometime soon...

Slade: Oooooo. I'm intrigued.

Me: I love it!!!

heeheehee The main character is going to be rather young. 

This is the pic for the cover thingy ^^


Tada! I finally finished it! ^^ 

Chapter I

Mrs. and Mr. Fender were on a walk. They were newlywed and deeply in love with each other. Still they were hurting deeply; they had just learned Mrs. Fender was child barren.  They liked long walks though, they were relaxing and helped soothed the pain of loss.

This walk seemed like any other and began with going up a long trail to a beautiful view of a small lake and then they went back through a more forested area. Just as the trees were thinning out they heard a cry, an innocent cry of a baby. Quickly they both began searching for the child until they came to a large tree where the crying was coming from.

Mr. Fender saw no other way and giving his wife his jacket began to climb the tree. When he got to the where the noise was coming from he found a large nest, made of twigs, grass and large white and black feathers. In the nest was a small wailing child. It had stark white hair with black ends and navy blue eyes that looked like they went on forever if you looked into them.

The man was rather startaled by such a strange child and finding it in a nest was weird enough. Still he took off his tunic and covered the child in it carrying to back down to his wife. Neither had seen anything like the baby, but they immediately fell in love with it and took it home.

Several years passed and they loved the child as if it where their own, perhaps even more. It grew up just like a regular child and played with the other village children, but on the child’s third birthday it began to grow something on its back. No one could understand what it was on the baby’s back and many doctors mulled it over. The things grew quickly and the Fender’s quickly learned that their child had wings, feathered wings.

Terrified they moved away and lived further away from people while they tried to figure out a way to fix their child. They both died very suddenly and for what cause no one knew, but some said it was some sort of bird flu.

The child was only about six years of age and certainly couldn’t take care of itself so the doctor took it back to the village. A family called the Ballard’s gladly accepted the child. “A young boy? Why certainly we’ll take him in.” They told the doctor. It wasn’t until later did they learn that he had wings. Still they kept him, having made a promise. They named him Hawk and treated him with kindness, but not as much as Hawks former parents. Still the boy grew up to be smart, kind, gentle and full of life, though also fearful. His new parents made him fear other people, telling him people were after his wings or that if people found out, he’d be shunned.

This story really begins when Hawk is thirteen and with his parents in town. His mother went to buy bread while his father took him to a smith to order a new pan. Hawk was fairly curious and explored around the smith’s house while his father made the deal.

“Who’s this?” The smith asked spotting the boy.

The man smiled nervously. “My son, come here Hawk.”

Hawk obeyed and skipped cheerfully over to the man. “Hello.”

The smith looked over Hawk curiously. “Strange looking child…”

Hawks father smiled painfully and gently pressed on the back of Hawk’s cloak. Hawk knew this meant to try and fold his wings closer to his body so it wouldn’t be too noticeable beneath the cloak.

“My wife and I adopted him.” He said.

Hawk looked at the ground sadly. He hated it when his parents treated him like this, like they didn’t really love him.

The smith smiled kindly. “Here” He told Hawk and handed the boy a leather cord with a metal charm of a hawk on it. “Matches your name” The man said.

Hawk looked excited. “Thank you!” He said taking it and looked closer. It was very well detailed and the eyes were a deep navy blue crystal.

“An old woman gave it to me a while ago.” The smith said. “I had no use for it so I hope you enjoy it.”

“Oh, I will.” Hawk promised holding the charm close. He slipped it into his pocket for safekeeping.

“Go play Hawk, but be careful.” His father told him and Hawk nodded running outside.

Hawk was soon caught up playing kick ball with a group of children and lost track of time.

“Hawk!” His father called.

Quickly Hawk said goodbye and ran over to his parents. “Yes?”

They stood with a bunch of terrifying, large and well-built men. “Hawk… you know it’s been kind of… awkward for us to have you… your unnatural.”

Hawk looked confused. “B-but I thought you didn’t mind.”

His mother looked away and his father continued. “We tried to convince ourselves that, but it just never worked. These men are going to take you to your new master.”

“N-no” Hawk whispered taking a step back his heart breaking.

His mother couldn’t take it anymore. “You scare us. You’re some sort of mutant freak. I’m pregnant now and we have no more of a need of you. You’ll be taken to a zoo or something where you belong.”

Hawk took another step back before turning around and running.

“We got paid for giving you the boy don’t let him get away.” Mr. Ballard told the men and they quickly chased after Hawk.

The men were quite fast and pushed through the crowds until the caught up and grabbed him.

“Let me go!” Hawk cried.

People started to look in his direction at the commotion and began gathering around. Hawk struggled hard and finally managed to wriggle out of his cloak. The people gasped and pointed. Now Hawk’s large wings were visible. They were white with black edging and a few stray black feathers mixed into the white.

“That’s it!” One of the men cried. “Quick catch it!”

Hawk slipped through the crowd and ran until he made it to a place with a bit more space before he unfolded his wings and took off. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched in amazement as Hawk took off. He didn’t stop for anything flying as fast as he could. An arrow grazed his arm and he cried out in pain, still he had to get away and he flew with all his might. 

Slade: Boy do I know how that is.

Hey! Ballard is my last name, but i sure wouldn't act like that if my son had wings.

Really? I put in a random assortment of letters and thats what came out XD

Glad you guys are liking it.

nnngg pics are hard for this story...

This is kinda what Hawk looks like, but with darker blue eyes. His hair would be black on the ends. Then of course he'd have beautiful white wings with black ends... maybe I should edit it.

I can edit it. What program do you use?


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