Hello and welcome to the discussion concerning the beginning of World War 3.

In Ezekiel 38 God talks about how countries will rise up against Israel. The main one is Libya aka Syria aka (in the Bible) Damascus (Which is the capital of Syria). This war has already threatend to start, but things have cooled down a bit. So do you see the connection between Eziekel 38 and what happened a month or two ago with Israel and Seryia? The next war is the war of Gog and Maggog (Russia) (WWIII). The Bible says that this war will pound Israel hard because every nation is against it. However, Israel will prevail. The Bible also says that the only thing protecting Israel is the hand of God. This is because Israel's defenses are down. Now wait a minute. Israel today is the most advanced in their army and weapons. How could they be down? Unless they are still recovering from another war (Maybe Eziekel 38) which they also got pounded pretty hard. The Bible says that Damascus will be wiped out. What it describes will happen to Damascus is pretty much what a Nuke would do. Everyone knows that there is a Nuke in Damascus. If it were to get hit during the war between Israel and Syria (Eziekel 38), then that would wipe out Damascus, fullfilling Biblical prophecy. Now when a Nuke goes off, it down't just cover the ground. It goes airial. If the radiation cloud blew over any of the surrounding countries, they could (and probably would jump at the oppertunity) take it as an act of war. They then could retaliate, and everyone who is in convenant with those countries would have to help out if Israel fired back. Wallah! WWIII! What do you think?

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Give me a minute to process this


wow, they do sound close

lol yeah

hmm, you've got a great point.


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