WWYDI- What would you do if



Aviad: WWYDI Facebook closed down?


MooMootheCow: Use my time for useful things. 

                         WWYDI a cow sat on your head?




Get it? cool.

I'll start.


WWYDI Your computer got stolen?

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I would find the perpetrator and steal it back. :P

WWYDI your internet crashed for a week?

I would go insane!

WWYDI YOUR internet crashed for a week? 

I would get on the other peoples unsecured network.


WWYDI you actually did go insane?

give my insaneness to someone else


WWYDI you died?

...Well I don't believe I would have much control over the situation if that happened.

WWYDI the world really does end in 2012?

go to heaven.


WWYDI there where a low persentage of gravity on earth?

Er, I would float like on the moon?

WWYDI if you were smashed off the edge in Mario Kart by your cousin?

Throw something in his eyes so I win ^.^

WWYDI someone sued you? 

I'd say Bah Humbug! And then sue them right back. ;P

WWYDI you were given the chance to make a billion bucks, but to do so you had to give up your most prized possession?

@the dark lord of codebearers

hey!  Christians don't sue!!!!!   bad Christian!  ( im joking, ur not a bad Christian, but im not joking that Christians shouldn't sue)

I'd run away screaming. :P

WWYDI the dolls came to life and started taking over?


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