WWYDI- What would you do if



Aviad: WWYDI Facebook closed down?


MooMootheCow: Use my time for useful things. 

                         WWYDI a cow sat on your head?




Get it? cool.

I'll start.


WWYDI Your computer got stolen?

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Try to find out what kind of aliens were on it.

What would you do if you could become any kind of fantasy creature for a day?

Become Spyro the Dragon. the classic version, not the one that is in the game which steals your money so you can have characters.

WWYDI if I was burning everything to the ground as Spyro the Dragon for that day?

Train you.

Wwydi I trained spiyro/sonicfan

I wouldn't be trained. I'd just defeat rhynocs 'n stuff.

WWYDI suddenly I had the skateboarding skills of Tony Hawk?


WWYDI I took over the world?!

sigh in relief because things would start to get better

WWYDI I became a supervillain

Laugh because you'd make an adorable supervillain. ;)

WWYDI I became a famous actress?


WWYDI I got the bat mobile

Clear the roads while thinking about this from the Lego Movie:

See the source image

WWYDI you discovered a portal to your favorite fictional world?

Officially freak out and hope it stays open forever!

WWYDI this site ever fired up again?

(@Jessi: Thanks a lot. Now I have to go be a super evil villain just to spite you :P)

 Panic because I would have to deal with a lot of new and potentially not nice people

WWYDI we hopped universes and all of a sudden you had my siblings as your siblings

(Yeah, that would be an occupational hazard)

I would be ecstatic meet them, would I still have mine as well?

WWYDI dragons were real? (Yes, I LOVE dragons, hearing about them is a risk you run if you're my friend! :)


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