Here's the deal, you post pictures of things worthy of an lol. First person who laughs loses and must find something funnier. Now I want nothing disgusting or rude, other than that the gloves are off. Have Fun!

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I stopped myself from laughing, but then I showed it to Ob and I laughed.


They don't even know what they're about to eat.  Look at their smiles!  Only cookie monster seems to know what's wrong.

it's either that or he wanted cookies.

WOW! Scary.
Haha, wow.
I laughed, it looked like my friend the other day.
this is crazy!

I just stared at it with a straight face and moved on to the next pic.  I was like "huh?"  then I went back to the cat pic and stared and stared.  Then I looked at the cat's face.


That cat pic is hilarious, Blade!  So is Pac-man.


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