the title says it all. what candy do YOU like the most?

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I like circus peanuts...
I like Cashews.
Ewww I don't like nuts. And I think I'm allergic (not deadly allergic though) to peanuts (who knows maybe not, probably never will get tested I really don't like needles (I'd have to be at death's door))
Needles are no fun. =/

nope, they're not...


i WAS allergic to Cashews, but i have recovered! (i still cannot eat alot of cashews, tho)

what about milky ways :(

no one said nothing 'bout them

why u people leaving them out?

I like um but not as much as cookies&cream Hershey's or saltwater taffy

My love em. I can't have them as much with my braces though.


They make "fun size" candy now, but they're really small. Fun size is actually a lot of candy smashed together in a bif loaf. Snickerloaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had an 8 or 10 yr old tell me "They call them funsize, but they're not really fun. It just means tiny."
SHE I STOTALLY RIGHT! "They're rippin' us off maann!" was a he.....but whatever
Milky Way's are AWESOME!


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