the title says it all. what candy do YOU like the most?

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I ate sour patch kids at the movies. I let my friend pick, so we got sour patch kids....and actually I don't know why they're called that because they're not that sour :-P
what is with sour or hot candies? ick!
Ick? What do you mean "ick"?!!
i no like.
Yeah Ari, geez.  How much more literate can she get?

How can you not like sour candy?!?

Here's a REALLY funny story but it might not be as funny to you cuz you weren't there.

So me and my BFF were going swimming and after we were done we got candy, sour candy, it was call cry baby's I think, and when she started eating it, LOLLOLLOLLOL! she was puckering her face like CRAZY! You should of seen it, but me, nope, maybe a little pucker but nothing really.


So yeah the point of this is sour candy's are sour to some people and not to other, and if you want the most out of your sour candy, Bite it at the begining, in makes it waaaaay more sour then sucking it then biting it:P

York Pieces are Awesome!!!


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