so someone says a food. the next person answers, saying, "yum" if they like that food, or "yuck" if they don't. here is an example:

person #1: grilled salmon?

person#2: yum!! cheetos?

person#3: yum! broccli?

person#4: yuck! ham?


and so on.

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macaroni and cheese?


cheeseburger and fries?

Rat poison

Death X.X


Kademee, you broke the rules.

(there are rules?)

(what do you think those words at the top mean?)

(ummmmmmmmm....... Idk?)

Dear Lord Tanwen! She was only telling the truth! Rat poison when swallowed leads to death! try to understand for once, please!

haha Lol you don't have to say just "yum" or "yuck"! you can say stuff like that. (also, why would you say rat poison?? that's not a food!!) lol and Emily, i cannot BELIEVE you don't like macaroni and cheese!! oh my gosh!


im sorry i just don't like it!


CHEETOS!! post on my profile if you LOVE CHEETOS!!


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