so someone says a food. the next person answers, saying, "yum" if they like that food, or "yuck" if they don't. here is an example:

person #1: grilled salmon?

person#2: yum!! cheetos?

person#3: yum! broccli?

person#4: yuck! ham?


and so on.

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Double yum!!


meh     s'mores

YUM!!!! Snickers?

so-so . i don't like the nuts . lol

popsicles ??

yum            strawberries and cream?



red velvet cake!


grilled salmon ?

yuuuuuum!!!!!! saled?

 (you know what i mean )

lamb? (if you say yes ill find you and eliminate you! LOL JUST KIDDING!  ...... but seriously, i've made a LIFE commitment to NEVER eat lamb or deer)

yuck!!!   how about liver with steak and kidney pie?

never had it but i don't even want to!! 

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate design with chocolate ice cream?

eh ... too chocolatey . i would only like the cake part .

bananas ? ()


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