Who is your favorite Avenger, villain, and side Character?

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My favorite quote is probably this though.

Captain America, Thor and Iron Man are discussing how you could lift the hammer. Thor says something (I don't know what!) And it sounds like something all meaningful and they ask just so taking for a second, thinking. Then...

Captain America:What if you put the hammer in an elevator?

Iron Man: Elevator would go up.

Captain America: Elevator's not worthy.

I don't know why I think that's so funny but I do.

Lol I find that scene extremely funny too! 

Any clue what Thor says tho?

If I recall off the top of my head correctly they were talking about the dude with the mind stone keeping the stone and him being able to wield the hammer. something along the lines of if he can wield the hammer he can keep the mind stone  something, something  and these days safe is in short supply.  something like that 


The dude with the mind stone is Vision. 

Thor says, "I'm going to miss these talks of ours."


Here is how it went EXACTLY! 

Steve: But if you put the hammer in an elevator...

Tony: It would still go up.

Steve: And an elevators not worthy.

Thor: I'm going to miss these talks of ours. 

The big meaning full line was.

Steve:The rules have changed, we are dealing with something new...

My favorite is Clint all the way! 


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