This is a letter that would go to Universal Studios. We will eventually send it to Chris and Allan. If you would like to help write it just say so. Please put letter in bold.

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The most important thing about the codebearers books is the christian themes. I think we need to be careful when asking a non-christian movie company to take it on. We want the movie to have the christian themes, and they could take those out. Maybe you should put something in the leter about the Millers deciding what content is in the movie???
that would be a good idea. or something about picking our own director that works within the studio. Interview them like.

Hey! I've got an idea. We could all get the word speard about Hunter Brown. Like writing letters to the editor. Send a copy of the books to famous (or not so famous) movie producers. Get the News, and movie people all involved!!! Ohh.. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

that would work. Of course, it's the getting them to read it that's the hard part. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

well that was...

where is it?

Holy moly, nine years? Wowwww


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