how would you want the controls to be?

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I think you should only be able to switch characters at a landmark, landmarks are like checkpoints only you have to go there in order: save game, switch characters, etc. when are you gonna get a profile picture?
Kinda like the Super smash bros brawl controls for the wii.

for every control style! (wiimote w/nunchuck, wiimote sideways (what i would use.) classic controller, and gamecube controller) (only for wii version.)

x-box 360 controls
:P no. I like gunnars idea.
c jump, b special attack (like the force push etc.), a regular attack, z shield, (wii controls) and dubble jumps!
still like gunnars idea, a ds game would be best.
no no no no!!!!!!!!!

if it's on wii also, then fine.

HEY! all the pokemon games were long and they were an RPG! so it goes on forever and it was also a game where you can run around and do nothing going to random cities and all that. the game can be bigger than fable extended edition! WHO KNOWS! just because it is a DS game doesn't  mean that it can't be really long!


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