It's time. I can't let this go on any longer. We must battle it to the end. Now. Anyone can post.

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I ain't even gonna try and stop this! *sits back* Since this is obviously no longer a debate about Abortion, I think I'll just be going now. *shakes hands with everyone*

Can we just drop this whole thing now? Please? Yes, I agree that abortion is an important issue, but no one's even arguing about abortion anymore. You're just arguing about who's smarter, who has more tact or no tact at all, whether or not people are being arrogant, whether or not certain people are Christians, and...Basically, you're just all attacking each other right now rather than talking about abortion. Maybe we should...completely stop talking about this for now and delete the thread?

I would like to say just one thing. My moms friend worked at a abortion clinic and she told my mom about the first one she saw. They sucked the baby into a tube, as the tube got close to the baby it started to kick and fight to get away. I for one Hate the idea that people would willingly kill there child, no mater what the reason.


Not always the case.

There is ALWAYS a choice!!! *flies away, cape flapping in the wind*

your right, there are some cases where it is necessary to save the mother. But other than that it's terrible.

And there are cases where the mother does not have a choice in general.

Did you not hear Ringwraith? There is ALWAYS another way. Just ask Dory;-)

Did you not pay attention? Wait. I already know the answer.

That was rude. If you want to keep debating then you have to do so respectfully it I will have to ask you to leave.

That was rude. If you want to keep replying then you have to do so respectfully or I will have to ask you to leave.

Are you feeling alright?


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