It's time. I can't let this go on any longer. We must battle it to the end. Now. Anyone can post.

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I'm not trying to disprove it. I have no clue if they are few or not but I trust you.

Even if they are few, don't you think that's messed up?

That's not what I was getting at but yes there are a few accounts like that.

Wow. I only just read the whole debate and wow Zhadow. Spitting some real fire back there. I mean that's some pretty hardcore twelvieness. The most mature way to debate. Congrats Zhadow. Congrats to the 17-18 year old for his debating skills.

This "twelvieness" you speak of came when I had stopped debating.

Oh I really love this
'lol lol lol' he says.
Zhadow. Aren't you just the most mature here? You said age means more experience.

At that point I had just given up and didn't care. I was no longer debating.

You gonna reply to my third?

Well said, Robin.

But in all seriousness would you like to indulge in a private debate on this issue with me? I'm interested to see your opinions.

There are days where I just lose it. Sometimes I go crazy and hate everyone and want to stab people. Other days everything is hilarious. Those comments mixed with being up with a sick toddler till 5:30 has made today both.


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