Evan Crawford debating against Jamal Solo (Jamal for BK, Evan for M).

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The week starts now.

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My first point: the burgers.

Burger King's name is VERY appropriate. It is king with burgers. The burgers have a great taste, especially with cheese. I myself do not like lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, or any of those things on my burger, but it would vary on the person as to what they like.

srry ive been doing school

McDonalds has superior fries. desserts are better there too. the burgers at McDonalds are greasy and tasty as well as having great condiments

What are the McDonalds fries superior to? Rat tails? Their fries are not firm enough, and even though I like thin fries, their fries are way to soft and greasy. Also, their chicken has a weird taste, and a bad after affect.

My Friends At recomparison.com say: 

A McDonald's Big Mac consists of 540 calories. While comparatively a Burger King Double Whopper has around 920 calories therefore Burger King burgers when compared to McDonald's burgers are higher in fat content. When it comes to taste, McDonald's is the more popular choice. When it comes to locations, McDonald's has the most. When it comes to market share, McDonald's has most. When it comes to international presence, McDonald's seems to be in more places than Burger king.


When it comes to a survey, 60% more people like Burger King instead of McDonalds. (Don't ask me what the survey was, my mom took one the other day and it said that.)


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