Is Magic Real?

Everyone who believes that it is for yes.Everyone who doesn't believe for no.

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If its REAL magic, as in someone really using magic, its a case of demon possession. I do believe that people like David Copperfield and Criss Angel were demon possessed, as they did things inhumanely possible. 

Dat a fact.

Demonic witchcraft, wiccan religion, possession, demonic stuff. Yep. It is. It shouldn't be played with though.

So true.

Who is"copperfield?or criss angel

David Copperfield was a magician who did remarkably incredible things, such as making the statue of liberty dissapear in front of a bunch of people. Things that are definently inpossible.

Criss Angel I only know because I saw a video where he actually switches two peoples legs (DO NOT GOOGLE IT. SERIOUSLY.) I literaly tears them apart at the waist and reconects them. 

Both of these are inhumanly possible, which means the only other possible assumption is that both were and are demon possessed, giving them supernatural powers.

This just got weird.

They were illusionists. Silly

I dont think you can be THAT good, Narth.

Lol this did get weird. But it is the truth.

You can actually. You'll be surprised.

I will be? lol. You visiting?

Do you guys get alot of demons and crap in Australia?


No. That's Spain.


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