wich is better Marvel or DC?

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I like them both.

DC is better on so many levels....in my opinion of course.

We already have this in the Comic Book Fans group.


But this IS debate club, Just sayin'.

So? You can find the same thread in more topic centered group which is far better then having it in Debate Club.

*le shrug*

Based off the movie (as I haven't read a lot of the comics) Marvel has more relatable characters with "human" problems, but DC has more powerful heroes (and DC's tv shows are way better).

And the risks seem a lot higher in DC movies, as characters might actually die in them.

Well said.

Marvels heroes are way more realistic, and cool, with the exception of Thor who is neither.

besides DC is so dark.

I object!! :D

I have actually always thought of DC being more realistic. Especially, like, Batman. And when I say realistic, I don't mean, like, "aliens aren't real" realistic.

HA! XD *claps* Well said, my friend. Thor really stinks, doesn't he?

Yeah, but that's really only because it tends to be more realistic, and the sad truth is, this world is a pretty dark place. :[

true true.


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